NTers i need help (amazon.com related)

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I bought some sunglasses on Amazon and in the ad it said they were authentic. I just got them today and they turn out to be fake. How do I go about getting a refund back? I know Amazon has that warrenty thing but im really not sure. This is my first time buying from them. Help anyone?

Update- the seller sent me an email and gave me a return address. I don't trust it though. what if I send it and he doesn't refund the money. How should I go about doing this? should I just wait and let Amazon support handle it that way be would be safer?
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Contact Amazon support, either thru chat or email. About two months ago, I bought something from a third party seller (it was around $20) and they sent the wrong flavor
I'm not sure if it was because the orders were sold by the third party and "Fulfilled by Amazon", but I contacted Amazon support and they refunded all of my money. All of it. That's why Amazon is so

It wouldn't hurt to contact Amazon directly and see what they can do.
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File an A to Z with Amazon, explain the issue as detailed as possible, the seller in such case is obligated to reply within a certain time, most likely you would get refunded, dont worry about it OP, you got this.
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was it full fulfillment by amazon?

but talk to a rep and see what happens...never by from 3rd party its most likely fake
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Thanks for the info guys. I just filed a claim just waiting to hear a reply. So we'll see how things go. Ill keep y'all posted.
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