NTers in Hunter and Baruch?

Aug 28, 2006
I'm applying to a load of SUNY's but I know I wont get in because I have a really terrible GPA and only fair SAT scores. I'm hoping that I'll have a shot on the CUNY's though. For those of you that are in Hunter and Baruch, what was your GPA and SAT scores when you applied? I'd be really happy if I could go to either of those schools. Is there anyway that a good SAT score can outweigh an awful GPA? Also, do they consider the fact that you went to a specialized high school? Would that help me in the admissions process? Is there anything else I can show them that would lead them to consider me?

Sigh, I really wish they looked at recommendations, admission essays, and SAT writing score cause that would really help me a lot...

Anyways, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
yea, i go to hunter and my average was 73 but my sat was 1110(the old system), so i guess a good sat can outweigh a bad average. Nah they dont look at anythingelse just keep retaking that sat.
I agree that a high SAT grade can get you in if your grades aren't that good. I've heard of people who really didn't do so well on their grades,but they studied a lot and got a really good SAT grade that got them in. You might as well study and take it every month if you have to.
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