NTers in San Francisco, I need some help /a favor.

Feb 21, 2006
Ok, I just moved out here about three weeks ago for school and I don't know anything about the city or surrounding counties. IIts a little difficult get around thus far b/c I don't know the muni routes yet and I'm tired of spending money catching cabs. I'm staying at the Star Motel on Lombard St. It's so boring in this weak @#%$ dorm being around all of these weak @#%$ people so, NTers, I need some help.

1. Where are the girls? I haven't seen any worthwhile talking to. Are they hiding?

2. Where are the NTers? I know you're out here somewhere, I haven't really made too many friends b/c all of the peeps in my dorm suck. Can somebody come get me? Show me around the city, I wanna go to a good club besides the one on Harrison St.

So can somebody help me out please, I've never met another NTer before and it would be kinda dope if I did.

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Are they hiding?
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Homeboy D, you need to head down to Union Square and Haight Street. I'm sure you can get to Union Square by going up Van Ness, which is perpendicular to Lombard. You can hoof it or catch one of the buses. Van Ness is a major street ( there is a good movie theater at O'Farrell Street). Anyways, make a left onto Sutter Street. Union Square is a good 10 Blocks from this point, but you can catch a couple of sneakerheads at Huf. Once you get to Union Square - you're pretty much in the middle of downtown. I'd suggest heading out to Haight Street on your free time as well. There's also a lot to take in; and it's more of a neighborhood scene compared to downtown. You might want to take a cab, if you don't like the MUNI. But if you don't have a ride it's really your best way to get around. Either way, in your travels out you should come across some potential bangers...........
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