NTers in tampa (grape 5 related)

Jul 21, 2005
Whats a good time to be at University Mall on Release Day since these are a limited release? Thanks in advance
Honestly, It doesn't matter. University Mall is so bad about any organization when it comes to releases getting there at 1am or 6am makes little difference and no guarantee of getting them. People will cut and push and the square badges will do nothing about it

The only stores in the mall that will get them is Harold Penner and Footaction.

Going to be a crazy release
^^^He speaks the truth.

best thing to do, is go to harold penner, plop down the money for the 2 shirts they make you buy to get em and and then just be back there at the opening. this way you get yours. granted youre going to spend about 40 extra bucks but atleast youll have your pairs
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