Nters who are very clean :lol what kind of household products do you use?

Joined Dec 29, 2006
that's right...this is what general has come down to...on the real though....I have a big clean up to do(room..bathroom....kitchen...living room) andI was just curious as to what household products you guys/gals use.....
Joined Sep 23, 2008
High strength undiluted industrial bleach.
That @@!* will clean anything. Smell is OD though.
Joined May 25, 2001
Everything I use is bleach or ammonia based mostly, and turn the fan on because those scents are toxic.

Fabuloso is good, a more enjoyable scent, use that in the kitchen.

Ajax/Comet/ or any other no name brand equivalent is good for cleaning the tub, I also use it on the stainless steel sink and fixtures.
Joined Dec 29, 2006
^ @#* I forgot about the powdered ajax..that stuff cuts through grease like a knife! Good looking for the reminder datz...and the rest of u guys
Joined May 3, 2007
just a hair better than mistolin

windex obviously

and my two main surface cleaners:

for kitchen/bathroom

for electronics, general dusting, etc
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