NTPI LUNCH. 9.15.2006


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Feb 3, 2002
Met up with some NTers today for a quick lunch at Greenbelt 3. Nice to see some old faces and a new addition to the NTPI family. Sorry I couldn't stay long. Had a busy afternoon.

Thanks C for lunch.
Flashout. Good to see you again my man. Send my regards to the fam.
255forLife. Nice AF1s. I hope I won't see a "lowsonoma" repeat. Enjoy your stay man.

What I saw on my way to Makati.

Small pic to somehow protect our identities. lol

What I wore.


Oakwood / Glorietta 4

Rustan's / Makati CBD

Yahoo and AOL IM: kingcrux31
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That truck's really messed up. Looks like you guys had fun. Nice "tour" pics.


sapatos yan, hindi trophy
[size=+1](Team Back Spasms)[/size]


Ah. The yearly lunch meeting where they discuss the highs and lows of the Philippines forum and look to change things for a better community in the future.

KC...email me the last two pics in highest resolution you have. I need new wallpaper. :lol:

I see Carlo was busy filming...


Anyways back to the studio. I'll post new pics of my latest Nu Retro 2's in a bit.
that dude probably crashed looking at the bimmer m6.

from the reflections i thought it was a leica also. you love those canon's huh? i remember ur last camera was a powershot.

btw, what is oakwood? is it a new condo?
Hey Rod. How's it going man? You still here in the PI?

I've mastered the functions of the S-series that's why I decided to get the S70 last year even though it looks like a conventional camera because of its color and size. I never really liked slim cameras. The quality of the pictures sucks compared to what my camera can do.

Oakwood has been there for some time now. It's a hotel / residential / business center. It was already up during the "Just 38" event.

Limited kicks for sale!!!
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Damn! Truck gone wild...

Well its always good to be with fellow NT heads. :D


I finally got the chance to meet Jath... and see his Wu-Tang Niketalk remix shirt. :tongue:
fishy, fishy..




but with shorts, not jeans..

ang init kasi dito eh.

yo, jo.. sabi ni ceehjay may lagnat ka daw.. :b

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