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Originally Posted by Thugnificence

Top 3 people (celebs or regular people) that you would smash if you ever got the opportunity
*Ignoring the fact that you may or may not be in a relationship*

2 Chris Brown
...i wont mind a little beating

i'm glad you said it first cuz he was the first to come to mind...
Idris Elba
since we're doing the same sex to...Nicki Minaj...but i won't do her but she can do me...all that talking she does it better not be whack either...eh%+@! it...i'll see if she really has star box or whatever she calls it...
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I think we need to start putting a M or F on the left panel where the handle/avy/date is

*Mr. F*
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Originally Posted by Thugnificence

I'm just an incredibly insensitive person that clearly doesnt respect anything about the relationship that I'm in right now...

This thread should only be taken as a complete & decisive sign of total disrespect towards my current significant other

I clearly dont care about his feelings in the least, considering that i would make a thread making public the people i want to have sex with

I honeslty dont know how anybody can claim that i do respect my relationship considering the type of post i had made previously...

please i dare someone to try & tell me that i care about my relationship, care about my boyfriend... i dare you
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Originally Posted by soltheman

Eric Berry is going to be heated.
Nothing for me to be upset about... in her edit she already summed up all my feelings concerning this issue... but its whatever...
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no but seriously... you guys take things that are said on NT much too seriously... it aint that deep fam
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