NYC..Eastern Parkway west indian day parade??

Jul 31, 2007
there wouldnt be so much violence at juve if cops didnt try to shut it down down earlier and earlier every year to the point where they dont want the float to play any music at all.
Sensitive Thugs Yall All Need Hugs
Apr 28, 2005
first off labor day is garbage , and this is coming from a dude with trini roots, it is so restricted that i dont go,, the parties that weekend is crazy though , i yall should check out trinidad carnival in early february or even miami for columbus weekend

and please dont confuse jouvert with the b.s that happens on flatbush and church,, you hear all these people say there goign jouvertand they dont even make it , they figure chillin on the bush walking up and down is jouvert, lol
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