NYC Gig: Looking For Sport & Sneaker Fans (Male 16-22)

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What's up NT? I figured this would be a great spot to find and fill a small casting role that my company needs for a video. Candidate must feel comfortable talking and being on camera and is male aged 16-22. 

What we're looking for? Your life needs to REVOLVE around sport (preferably basketball) and be into sneakers (obviously part 2 is fulfilled at this website). When I say your life needs to revolve around sport, I don't mean that you have to play 24/7 but when you're with your friends you play ball, you watch games / ESPN all day, all you guys talk about is sports, you only play sport videogames, you constantly read magazines and websites on sports, and your sense of fashion style comes from sport. Essentially, if there wasn't sport, you wouldn't know what to do with your life.

Location - NYC

Timeframe - Immediate. Looking to fill this position today / tomorrow and then begin shooting end of week / early next week.

There will be compensation if selected.

If interested, please hit us up on Twitter and we'll give you a call to further discuss.

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