NYC Graffiti Legend Ghost at Stussy SF Sat Nov 17th...

Nov 16, 2003
My man Ghost, aka Cousin Frank, is going to be having a show at Stussy in SF on Sat Nov. 17th from 8pm - 11pm.

I talked with Ghost earlier today and he's going to have alot of dope artwork and drawings available. There will be something for everyone's price range. Should be a really dope show, he always comes correct!!! :pimp:
pimp.gif For all you writers out there make sure you bring your black books!!! If you link up with me I'll make sure he hits them for you!!! :wow:

You say I'm not The "E"??? You wanna make a bet???
I wonder why they always have graf writers from out of town @ the SF location. First Slick, now Ghost. No hatin', but I would like to see some of The City's finest come through.
Should be a real good show. I'm pickin him up at the airport in a few hours and he sent me some images last night and the stuff he's bringing is HOT! Iwish I had some extra dough right now to drop on a couple of his canvases!!!
So is anyone planning on coming out this the opening of this show??? I saw some of the artwork and it's off the hook!!!! Can't wait to see the rest ofit... Hope to see some of ya there...
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