NYC heads, taxi question

Aug 14, 2004
I was wondering if anyone knows roughly how much a cab ride would cost from JFK to Manhattan, specifically NYU. On the same note, are there better ways (cheaper) of public transportation to make the same route? thanks in advance
You're better off calling a car service or something. Car services has a set price for whether theres traffic or not, you'll be paying whatever the cost is. As for goes by mileage (im sure you know) traffic or whatever can play a big part. Especially when the shady cab drivers take the longer routes.
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Some one will have to confirm, but I think you can take the air train to one of the stops and a train into the city from there.
the air train is your cheapest choice, but prepare to take well over an hour to get where your going, very slow.

as for cabs, i dont think the above people ever ride in em, because the yellow cabs run a flat rate service from all NYC airports.
its a $45 dollar flat rate from any NYC airport to anywhere in manhattan. not including any tolls and such.

theres also car service but i highly doubt thatd be less than $45
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well if you want the cheapest mode of it is:

from jfk, take the airtrain the E train station (archer ave i believe its called). take the E down to washington sq/w.4th st station. will cost you 7 bucks and probably 30 more mins
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