NYC/NJ Nter's.. Please check in. Looking for some help.

Nov 16, 2002
Me and my friends are probably going to be heading to NYC/NJ this weekend to do some shopping.

Right now we have jersey gardens and woodbury outlets on the list. what other places do you guys suggest we hit up ? either mall/outlets in that general vicinity as we will be the ones driving and will need to plot out everything beforehand as we will have to get mapquest directions.

* not really looking for kicks, but more clothes. (not streetwear/urban wear), so any place with a good mixture of brands available would be great *

if you ever make it to atlantic city, hit up the mall on the pier/boardwalk near caesars. also hit up 5th Ave in NYC.
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Garden State Mall in Paramus too......Route 4 has a couple of malls on that strip...

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Century 21 in NJ should be the only place you need to go.
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