Obama's tourney bracket

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I got K state, duke, Ohio State and someone else. duke beating OSU in the finals. what can I say
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Originally Posted by youngmoney

bracket is lame all 1's,2's,3's,4's...except like2
Sounds like the brackets from Jay Bilas, Digger Phelps, and the rest of their crew. Super weak effort from the "analysts"
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Originally Posted by Kiddin Like Jason

I wonder what he would have done if Oregon State was in the tournament.
at the thought of Oregon St making the tournament. As a Rutgers grad, I know that even though we haven't made the tournament in 19 years, at least it's not the longest drought among BCS schools. Gary Payton must be rolling over in his grave. Dude led the Beavers to 3 straight tourney appearances. Although each one resulted in a 1st round exit, including 2 upsets to double digit seeds (Evansville and Ball State).
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