Ocean City Vacation

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beside the beach, boardwalk and mini golf, seacrets.  what are some good fun activities to do there?  also what are some good restaurants, i went to Dough Roller for breakfast. but need some good recommendations on what to do, where to eat, the whole nine.......and must do's in Ocean City..........thanks
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Grab a pit beef sandwich from the boardwalk, years ago I went to the Blue Ox and it was good, guess you could drive down the coast the outlets near Rehoboth (sp) beach and do a little shopping (it's an enjoyable drive). Not knowing what you're into but nearby there's a state park with wild horses if you wanted to see horses

I can't think of anything else off the top, I usually don't spend more than 1 day or night in OC
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i wanted to see the wild horses when we went 4th of july but the OC looked so weak we just turned around and went to VA Beach

we were there literally 30 min then we just said ##%! it drove to vabeach
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