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Good thing I have a bye locked up

my team has been asssssss bro

not looking forward to week 15 :frown:
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One team where the playoffs start next week, I win and I'm in. Even have a chance to get in if I lose. I'm up by almost 8 pts. I have Hollister and she has MIN defense...praying for no defensive TDs

Other league I'm done and up by 53. They only have Edelman and Rudolph left. Only 4 teams make the playoffs and they dont start till week 15. I beat one guy ahead of me this week. I need him or another guy to lose this week AND next week, and I need to win next week to make it in

C'MON fantasy Gods!
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Well im still gonna s--- talk sorry as Darnold

But it doesnt matter who i played on my team this week, or which QB i picked up - whole squad sucked and i got beat down by 10th place team

Worst fantasy season ever!
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The only league I play in is about to be super close with only 1 week to go. First place team is the only super team, while every team can win or lose on a given week.

Standings, unless remaining games lead to a miracle for any team will be:

1) 11-2

top 4 make it. I’m gonna be 7-6 and play 2nd place who’s 8-5, but another 7-6 team has a shot at the playoffs as well. Gonna be a wild finish.
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Trying to limo my way into the playoffs...it's hard having David Johnson and Thielien smh...

Side note...like 2 weeks ago I checked randomly the schedule...this is the first time I've played in this league and also on the NFL fantasy app....this dude has the playoffs set up like 4 teams make it...round 1 is week 15 just 1 week, then the championship is just week 16. Every other league I've played has the matchups lasting 2 weeks
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Watson ballin

i still wouldve lost if i played him and nobody saw him having this good of a game, idc what they say.
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I swear my team always balls out when I play sorry squads. I’m playing the last place team and I had Rodgers and James White starting and both combined for damn near 70 points. I could’ve beat the dude I’m playing if they both scored 15
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In one league my QB options for Round 1 of the playoffs next week are either Brady at home vs Chiefs or Baker at home vs Bengals. Thought these were gonna be some great options but not sure at the moment since Brady has zero trust in his WR’s and Baker’s hand is all bruised up now. Baker did help me win a championship last season in this same matchup though...
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Going to drop out of the 6th seed and miss the playoffs in my main league :smh:

I really hope you guys played Rodgers.
I did. Didn't matter tho, still got my *** kicked :lol: . Thankfully I already clinched a playoff berth (5th seed) in this particular league.
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made the playoffs as a 4th seed..

2nd place and 3rd place was losing all day and they ended up winning with the 4oclock ones... almost snuck in to 2nd for a bye
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Might end up losing in both leagues. Playoffs already clinched.
Gonna miss out on a bye and higher seeding.
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another week where my bench plays better than my starters... im down 26 with diggs playing... aint no way im coming back and winning lol...this makes 2 loses in a row but I will make the playoffs next week so not too bad…I got nothing from my running backs jonathan Williams and Ronald jones did nothing and I got 2 points from them total smh… I shoulda just started mixon who got me 12 on the bench… also the patriots defense was terrible yesterday im lucky I got 1 point… john brown only 7 points hurt since Sutton had 19 and deebo samuel had 12 both guys who I had on my bench
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This is beating a dead horse, but are we "trusting" Odell vs Cincy next week? It's playoff time, and I'm not about to go down with the ship with him if I don't have to.
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Up 14.1 opponent has Penny tonight. This is my leagues first week of playoffs so it's gonna be a stressful watch.
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Makes no sense that I’m 7-6 and barely squeaking into the playoffs as a 5 seed with Lamar Jackson, Zeke, Josh Jacobs, Mike Evans, Cooper Kupp, Jared Cook...

I have the highest point total in my league but every other team has had their best game of the season against me.

Some dude put up 180 pts one week and beat me by 7. That would be a W like 9/10 times.
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