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Do to the growing number of fake adidas yeezys on the market more and more people on niketalk are requesting legit checks. This thread is strictly for legit checks, no buying, selling, trading. Please respect all others and attempt to help to your best ability. No ebay links, please post photos only.

A few things to look for in pairs before you buy:

1. Make sure the PO# on the box and inside size tag match

2. Make sure you get tagged pics of all pairs before you buy

3. Ask for pictures of the boost, size tag on box, size tag inside shoe, all angles of shoe, and finally pictures of the receipt (close ups help)

4. If the price is too good to be true then 99% of the time they are fake.

5. If the seller says they are unauthorized, factory flawed, B-Grade, or made in the same factory after hours then they are fake.

6. Do not buy off instagram if its too good to be true EX: if the buyer is offering a BOGO or free iphone, etc dont buy, should be common knowledge but people fall for this everyday.

7. If the box is extremly beat up and crushed then please be cautious as many replica boxes get badly damaged like thisduring the shipping process.

8. If the box is a US box then nest to the po number it should say "upc" instead of "ean" ean is for european boxes.

Please feel free to post all yeezy 350, 950, and 750 legit checks.

UPDATE 5/14/2016:

A new wave of replica 350s has been released by "helen" the boost and patter en seem to be very close to retail, except for slight boost variations. However the boxes are still incorrect, the 1's do not have a line under them. The paper is also incorrect.

New tips:

Watch out for "reverse mirrored" patterens

On boxes the number "1" should have a line under it like this:

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Tried to collect the best info from the yeezy thread. Feel free to update the 1st post with it. 
Okay, here goes..

With this picture, compare the heel tab location. The PB's tab is further way and has less of an angle compared to the TD's.

With this picture, the boost on the PB's is the actual boost. The TD pair has a plastic looking "boost."

With this picture, it shows how the authentic pair's material differs with the suede. The Adidas logo on the authentic pair is more of a matte, but the TD pair has more of a reflective logo with low quality different colored suede.

(This may not apply to all replicas) If there is any stitching error with the tab - such as crooked red dots, etc. - they're not authentic.

In this picture, each shoe has a different pattern with the right side.. This shouldn't be the case. Hope this helps you all.
I know this is old, but just adding to this, as I didnt see anyone mention it, and it may help other people legit checking: the print is wrong.

If you were looking at the shoes as if you had them on, the LEFT panel of both shoes should match (approximately) and the RIGHT panel of both shoes should match (approximately)  as well. Unlike most shoes, where the medial and lateral sides would match. Here that doesn't matter. Legit pairs have matching left and matching right panels.

You can see what I'm talking about using my pair as an example:

JPS, the yeezys you posted had matching medial ("inside") and lateral ("outside") panels, with the pattern on both shoes flowing OUTWARDS towards each respective foot's pinky toe.

This is a DEAD  giveaway when it comes to most fakes, however from what I've seen, it appears that updated 350 fakes are on the horizon, if not already available for purchase, that apparently FIX  this issue.

So this may help now, but a word of warning, who knows in a few weeks/months after these "new" fakes have flooded in.

Also, I think it's worth noting: THE 350 COMPARISON VIDEO IN THE OP NEEDS TO BE REMOVED. That video is comparing a "replica" pair of 350s with an "unauthorized authentic" pair of 350s, which is just a label being used to distinguish it as a higher grade of replica. That video doesn't help anyone!
On the box label, under the UPC (part you scan at the register)  

EAN PO# 112400149

This should match  the number inside the shoe following the "#" in this case it does not # 11200146  

So therefore, this is obviously a fake.
This is true

Also this is what I meant by two different box labels, top is US and bottom is from EU.

Both are legit


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formerly koopa2410
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Stitching underneath strap. Then the 3 lines underneath the strap are too far awar from the velcro. 

you mind giving any input into the legit check below?
can somebody help out with a legit check on these turtle doves? bought from a credible store, but i'm too paranoid these days. boost material 100% legit. not sure about the patterns, etc. the serial number inside tag matches with box as well. please advise, thanks in advance!

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