May 23, 2005
new GITD and Supreme x nike collabo on last couple pages
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i don't know, I don't think he's in the wrong section. a release dates thread for air force 1's seems like it belongs in retro. I think releasedate threads used to even get stickied in these forums.

anybody got a release date on the navy hi top "Futura"
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wrong section dude... looks like this is what u might have wanted.

Naw the team air force one thread is just postin pics of ur collection i want this thread to be about info on coming forces and where u can get em. And nikeretro is the right section for this. They USED to have a release date sticky for forces a couple years ago. Thanks though(not being sarcastic)
^Indeed. I've noticed that there hasn't been too much info on AF1 releases around NT for quite some time.

nawghtyhare - Thanks for posting the info. I'll definitely check this thread on a regular basis.

Nike pretty much killed my enthusiasm for Forces. Still love em to death, but with so much time between *decent* releases, it isn't even fun anymore. Asmuch as I love the older joints, it sucks not being able to get amped for NEW releases.
most of the new stuff is trash, and the decent/simple cw's are always ruined with that paper thin pleather.
That's why there hasn't been that much talk about new forces here on NT...
good looking on the af1 thread. Hopefully it will stick around and solid info can found.
Good idea to have an af1 release thread.

Like a few other said though....I doubt anyone is excited about af1s anymore. I feel like any color that comes out that is nice is sabotaged by plasticleather. Like that white/olive/gum pair that recently could have been a big hit with some nice leather. It seems only the so called supreme orpremium pairs have decent leather but even that leather is FAR worse than something you would see on 90s general's sad.

I honestly see more jordan fusions and vans or supras around NYC more than af1s....what gives??

What we need to see is leather like this on grs again:
^^ im wit yall on that, but this thread is whats up i got love for af1's even thou the quality of the new joints sizzuck, i still like to know of releases
I saw that cream/gum sole pair in looks better in the picture. It's not all leather it's a leather nubuck combo but the materials arekinda 'ehh' if you ask me.

They're already out here in NY, haven't seen them at foot lockers but footaction and michael K have them.
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^^What size? Not saying I have a pair, but I'm always looking to help out.

size 8-8.5...i can fit a 9 too but it's a lil too big

How much do they go for anyway?
These are suppose to be dropping sometime this month

Swoosh should have been purple but they're clean imo
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I likes.

But tell me these wouldn't been the dopest as highs......I'm getting tired of lows especially since winter coming. Af1 highs are the perfect wintershoe.
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