***Official Arizona Pick-Up Post***

Jan 30, 2005
What up Arizona. I figured we could use one of these post to showcase what pick-ups our state has to offer! Feel free to add pick-ups when desired. Let me start this off....

Me and Eric hit up a few local spots and came across some nice finds, as pictured below.





***BuY mY sHoEs!! Defining Moments Package Sz. 8.5--White/Red XI Lows Sz. 8.5--Ice Blue X's Sz. 9--Charteuse XIV's Sz. 9--Black/Red XIV's Sz. 9***​

***Original Concord XI's Size 10.5***​

Nike Air Force 1 Lux White/Straw Sz. 11.5​
Yep, it was a good day. Here are my pick-ups from today.


Paid a total of $140 for 2 pairs of Pippen III's and XV lows. No tax!
Great idea! I've been going a little OD lately and am expecting some semi-ridiculous heat to be on my door step in the next few days. Let's start off with what I woke up to...

Sorry for the crappy phone pics but my camera is M.I.A.


In related news... We hosted a private party at Majerle's last Monday for TNT Sports. My man Charles Barkley showed up and held court for a few hours. I got a pic with him and had him sign these... In the next few weeks i'll have Amare sign them as well, pretty sweet dual signed P.E. if you ask me.

Hey Demonbasketball04 are those the CONS that cant stay laced to save your life????
Kevin Johnsons, I had those when I was a kid!!!!!!!!
What sizes do you have???

Anyways I know I left Phoenix on Friday, but............
Nike Air Max 1 NL x CLOT (Kiss of Death)
Tier 0 account release only!!!!!


I guess I'll have to lineup for the World Cup woven's this weekend as well!! They're going to be a Tier 0 release just like the Air Maxes were!!!
OSCAR, hook up that 10.5 run n slam homeskillet!!! c'mon!

booooooooo give me a shout next time, i had settle for cleaning out the garage instead this weekend :frown:
^The box is labeled for 10.5, but the shoes inside were 9.5. They fit nice and snug too. The other two pairs are 11.5's though.
Hey Demonbasketball04 are those the CONS that cant stay laced to save your life????
I wouldn't be able to tell you! I have yet to wear a pair, but from I fondly remember. back in the 2nd grade, these bad boys were THE shoes to have in Arizona!

those were the joints back in the day..........i remember the commercial with him cutting and the react juice shifting to one side to compensate. :frown:
I love shoes in Suns colors...So I got these today

I also got a pair of the AM360 BBall today but I haven't gotten around to getting a good pic

Nike Air Footscape Woven FIFA WORLD CUP edition.
USA, and Mexico colorways!!!
Tier 0 account release only.
I showed up at Undefeated at about 10am expecting a line, but there was only one other person there. I thought they might not have gotten them yet.
The only other guy who was waiting for the shoes asked for a sz. 11, and one of the workers came back and told him that they didn't have any 11's in the USA colorway!!!!!! LOL!!
So they called the Santa Monica location and hooked him up with his sz. 11!!!!! I probably should have asked for another USA woven, but oh well.
The Korea woven's are the second best looking compared to the USA's.
The mexico's look cool as soon as they're on your feet!!!! And I picked up some FUTURA x Stussy, and Ghost x Stussy world tour tees.
^ how do they fit, I usually fit a 10.5 in most nikes ,seems that I might have to go a half size down, do you agree?
Lemme keep this post going....
All picked up within the past week here in Arizona....

The Larry Johnson Cons are size 12, the Cons in front are 8.5, the Cartoons are 12 and the rest are kids 4.5-5.5.
Always liked these and got a really good deal on em. Plus they were worn once, so I don't have my usual problem with UN-DSing them. Wore thenm all day, super comfortable and SICK in person... Kashima 360's

Yo Oscar where did you get the Cartoons at? U know there my size right? :tongue:

"My kicks for your life, we can swap it out"
Adidas Gazelles x NEIGHBORHOOD are dropping sometime in the near future at UNDEFEATED LA, and probably at the ADIDAS originals shop. So expect a pickup of those if I can get them!!!!
I'm just keeping this post alive by the way.
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