Dec 25, 2006
i started this for us shoe heads in az. sorry if this belongs some where else but as slow as the southwest forum.

dillards desert sky had mens black air max 360s for $40 and zoom hurache for $25
^What sizes were left?
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i was there sunday about 6 pairs left none my size. 10.5 , 10, 9. quite a few huraches sizes
looks like im the only one in az that looks at this post.lol. i was just at anthem outlets there is a nike store. they had black red white lbj 4s in good size run $79, all black pips for $29, blk white red dunk lows 6.0 for $49, black bball am360 mids $79, melo 5.5 white/white white/ caro blue $79 good sizes and lots of others
damn I wish Desert Sky wasn't a 45 min drive for me, good looking out though
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Any spots that still have the History Of Air pack? I wouldnt mind coping some silver 97's
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Im bout to hit the stores today and see whats crackin. Contemplating on the Cool Greys thats why Im up now!
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Jordan V's sizes 9, 11, 13 Jordan Spizikes sizes 10-13​
I was at Mills yesterday.
Footlocker had:
Santana Dunk High-$90
Glow in the dark Dunk High-$90
Glow in the dark blazer-$65
Air Max 360 grey/red-$160

Finishline had:
Air Max 90 silver/black/purple-$110
Air Max 97 silver/yellow/blue/red (finishline exclusive?)-$150

Nothing worth mentioning at Shieks or Nike Outlet.
On a side note, saw a guy with variant "burberry" XI's. Should of snapped a pic. :lol:

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edited with prices. Footlocker gives 30% military discount also. Wish I had remembered.
"My kicks for your life, we can swap it out"
Dillards at Desery Sky was wiped clean of all the 360's and Huarache's. Footaction has an almost FSR of Air Diamond Turf's for only $29.99. Nothing else worth mentioning.
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NT. The only place where you can't have an opinion on anything, and are forced to think like everybody else.
--Cameron Nelson​
might have to grab those turfs for that price. thats why i started this post for us in az. i wanna know whos got sales goin. thanks demonbasketball04. az keep the info coming!!
footaction in fiesta mall can order the diamon turfs if they only have limited sizes left
I didn't even know we had a footaction in az! too bad fiesta mall is waaay too far for me
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Just about every store in Desert Sky that had Fire Red's on Saturday still has a few scattered sizes. Biggest size was a 10.5 at Footaction though. BIll's Shoe Hut still had a pair of 7.5 Flips too.
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jumpman623, the black bball am360 mids $79 you mentioned in the Anthem Nike outlet. Are these the ones? Do you know if they have size 9.5? Thanks.
im a little late iamw888^^^. those look like em. also i was just at desert sky today and they said they got in another run of fire red 3s. i even seen bigger sizes in the window. and get this they also received in that shipment on size 11.5 old love new love. better jump on that one quick.
got some size 11 heat. get at me
My first time in the SW spot. I'm in Phoenix and will be checking out the normal spots and post in here more often.

One of my spots is one80 which is off the I10 and Ray. They get most releases.

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Got some good news for you guys ... your first sneaker boutique is coming soon. June 1st actually.

699 S Mill Ave.
Tempe, AZ

Do you know if Lifted will be hiring any peeps ? Holla.
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