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old people like her will be the reason why America loses its lead over the rest of the world as a super power.

you do not stifle innovation and ingenuity. the biggest threat this country has to it is fighting crypto. some of the smartest devs and brightest people are coming up through there and they should be welcomed, not pushed away. you will see devs and start ups in el sal if we do anything stupid who will work remotely.
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It's all being done by design ....I bet you Elizabeth Warren has a Bitcoin tucked somewhere.

The job is to pretend that Bitcoin and crypto is just a phase that we are going through but this is the beginning of a new system that will change the way we transact on a day to day basis...

Bitcoin might be energy hungry but that's a small obstacle to hurdle...

You can buy residency is parguat for 0.2 btc... 😂

The goal is to be free

Xrp will replace nostro vostro... Do with that as you please...

Ethereum is oil 2.0 for the digital age...

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I guess competition from lightning network, traditional rails, PayPal, square. but the TAM is so massive that there is room for multiple winners. biggest risk is adoption right. amp is only as good as the need to spend digital assets.

market cap/supply is another risk, but the supply is enormous to enable spending and collateral so it's kind of a reflection of the TAM. it's the argument xrp bag holders would use to rationalize their holding but you know, it actually has a purpose this time and isnt vaporware.

I'd like to add more, but im not touching it on this pump. let price discovery play out and then we'll see. I've had buys from .005-.07 but the bulk of my position was built this downturn around .035-.05 (started adding in at .07)
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AMP total supply 100 billion compared to btc 21 million.

“AMP-USD order books will launch in three phases, post-only, limit-only and full trading. If at any point one of the new order books does not meet our assessment for a healthy and orderly market, we may keep the book in one state for a longer period of time or suspend trading as per our Trading Rules.”

might take awhile to get ramped up. I’ll give it a week.


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If you want an opportunity to get in early on a coin that I think has Amp like potential in its own unique use case, look at Everest’s ID token.

Blockchain secured digital identities and personal data protection with only a 50M market cap.

A successful project like this adapted by governments prevents the current California Unemployment and SBA EIDL/PPP fraud scandals. It has the potential to make consumer data protection laws unnecessary and redundant.

DYOR but I’m thinking of making a decent sized bet in this one.
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keeping my AMP on Gemini, maybe buying in future with CBP if fees lower. Have to pay capital gain if transferring wallet after gain right?


Joined Mar 29, 2020
Any point of having Gemini now? The fees on CBP are much less.

Gemini base tier is 0.35%
Coinbase base tier is 0.5%

Pretty sure Coinbase doesn’t get cheaper until you reach their $50K 30-Day Volume tier and above.

I don’t have it like that. :lol:

0.5% isn’t horrible but even then Coinbase Pro fees are higher than what I pay on Gemini, KuCoin and FTX US.
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