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If anyone remembers the threads from 1 or 2 years back.
This is basically a thread to compile a full list of all songs from a certain artists.These include Retail Albums, Bonus Tracks, Mixtapes, Freestyles,Features, or just unlreleased tracks that never made an album.
In the past these threads were used to help people see what songs they might be missing andhelp them complete their music libraries.
It was never a place to share music.

Since Cam'ron is very popular here on niketalk and he his releasing his 6th studio album May 12th, I decided to bring back these threads with him.
Please help make this thread a success by contributing and most importantly following the rules so we can have more of these in the future.

[color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUTUBE LINKS EITHER[/color]

[color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]ALL NIKETALK RULES STILL APPLY[/color]

Retail Albums

"Confessions Of Fire" (1998)

Rockin' And Rollin'
Wrong Ones
Horse & Carriage
Me, My Moms & Jimmy
We Got It
D Rugs
Feels Good
A Pimp's A Pimp
*@$+ You
Me and My Boo
I'm Nice
[hr][/hr]"S.D.E. (Sports Drugs and Entertainment)" (2000)

*@$+ You
That's Me
Do It Again
Come Kill Me
What Do I Gotta Live For
Double Up
Movin' Weight
Sports, Drugs & Entertainment
What Means The World To You
All The Chickens
Where The *@$+ You At
Where I'm From
Let Me Know
My Hood

[hr][/hr]"Come Home With Me" (2002)

Losing Weight Part 2
Oh Boy
Live My Life (Leave Me Alone)
Come Home With Me
Welcome To New York City
Hey Ma
On Fire Tonight
Stop Calling
I Just Wanna
The ROC (Just Fire)
Dead Or Alive
Boy Boy

[hr][/hr]"Purple Haze" (2004)

Intro (Purple Haze)
More Gangsta Music
Get Down
Welcome To Purple Haze (Skit)
Killa Cam
Leave Me Alone, Pt. 2
Down And Out
Harlem Streets
Rude Boy (Skit)
I'm A Chicken Head (Skit)
Soap Opera
O.T. (Skit)
Bubble Music
More Reasons
Family Ties
Hey Lady
Get 'Em Girl
Dip-Set Forever
Take Em To Church

[hr][/hr]"Killa Season" (2006)

Killa Cam (Intro)
He Tried To Play Me
Leave You Alone
Living A Lie
We Make Change
Wet Wipes
Touch It Or Not
Triple Up
Get Ya Gun
White Girls
Girls, Cash, Cars
Do Ya Thing (Remix)
Get 'Em Daddy (Remix)
Something New
You Gotta Love It
Love My Life


Public Enemy #1


01. Camron - Intro
02. Camron - Why They
03. Camrorn - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
04. Camron - Calm Down
05. Camron - Cant Hurt My Style
06. Camron - Just Us
07. Camron - The Cycles Sick
08. Camron - Im A Hustler Barry
09. Camron - Hot Mess
10. Camron - Roaches In The Chicken
11. Camron Feat. Tom Gist - Kill My Dog
12. Camron Feat. A-Mafia - Yada Yada Yada
13. Camron Feat. A-Mafia - Aint Like Us
14. Camron Feat. Freeky Zeeky And J.R Writer - Kiatey
15. Camron Feat. Hell Rell And 40. Cal - Swagga Talk
16. - @#*@!! S---
17. Camron - Child Of The Ghetto
18. Camron - Let Me Know
19. Camron - Dead The Funeral
20. Cam'ron Feat. Tom Gist - Bad Day
21. Tom Gist - Think Out Loud 03:44


01. Camron - Intro
02. Camron Feat. Penz - Bum Bum
03. Camron Feat. Penz - What You Know
04. Tom Gist Feat. Penz - Tom Gist
05. Camron Feat. Penz - Fit For The Grind 2
06. Camron Feat. Penz - Glitter
07. Camron Feat. 40. Cal And Penz - Troublemakers
08. Penz - Freestyle
09. Penz - Penz Sad
10. Camron Feat. Penz - Killa Penz
11. Camron Feat. Penz - Curious
12. Camron Feat. Penz - Now Wut
13. Camron Feat. Hell Rell And Freeky - Are We Cuttin
14. Camron Feat. Hell Rell - Cha Ching
15. Camron - No Delaying
16. Camron - Get Rich
17. Camron - Weekend
[color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]Artist-Track[/color]

Beanie Seagle- Wanted(On The Run)
The B. Coming
Hell Rell- Im The %$$#

For The Hell Of It
Juelz Santana- Dipset(Santana's Town)

Lets's Go

From Me To U
Kanye West- Champions (Featuring Young Chris, Beanie Sigel, Cam'ron &Twista)

Get Well Soon...(Mixtape)
DMX- We Go Hard

Grand Champ
Kanye West- Gone (Feat. Consequence & Cam'ron)

Late Registration
Jim Jones- Only One Way Up Feat. Cam'ron & Juelz Santana

-This Is Jim Jones Feat. Cam'ron

-Certified Gangstaz Feat. Cam'ron & Bezel

-Jamaican Joint Feat. Cam'ron & Juelz Santana

-Crunk Muzik Feat. Juelz Santana & Cam'ron

On My Way To Church

Please help this thread going by contributing on your own. I will keep adding it to the original post. I know Cam has moremusic especially features out there.

Also let me know who you would like to see featured in the next thread like this.
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When I think of Cam'ron I think of "My Hood"

What is it gooooooooooood for. Absolutely nothing. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING
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i think these are unoffical/remixes or whatever...

Keep Runnin'- feat Fabolous and Beanie Sigel
Cant Take No More- feat Hell Rell

Fantastic Four pt 2.- lox, nature, fabolous,

Nothing Long part 2- feat S.A.S
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Horse & Carriage Remix - Cam'ron ft. Silk The Shocker, Charlie Baltimore, & Big Pun (samples the intro to"Night Court" sitcom

What Means The World To You Remix - Cam'ron ft. Ludacris, Trina, & UGK
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someone should do a Nas thread too. I'm sure theres a few mixtapes that he's put out that people don't know about
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