Official Hopsin Thread Vol. Funk Volume

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he can actually spit and i like how that hook sounds on the second song...but his image...i just can't %!$* with. plus i never can rock w/ people who come in the game w/ their main goal being to down EVERY artist already in it. *shrugs*
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Once I saw the Tyler The Creator diss ... Dude got my attention ... A lil weird ... But weird is selling right now

Remy LeBeau

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Been following Hop for a while now and dude is dope. He sounds a lil like Em at first but after a while theres a clear difference.
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This thread needs and deserves to bebumped. Just heard of this guys. Been listening to all his music. Dude is sick. Reminds me of old angry eminem. He produces his beats directs his videos too, I guess. That's pretty legit.
Dizzy wright is pretty dopetoo. Ain't feeling swizz though. Dude is whack.

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This came out today, on Hopsin's birthday. In my opinion, one of the realest tracks in years in terms of lyrics.
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still deciding if I **** with hopsin or not. he seems to speak to the adolescent demographic well, just as early eminem did. who does this guy remind yall of besides early em?? I can't put my finger on it. 

Remy LeBeau

formerly carbon16
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Can't post links right now but Funk Volume and Crooked I's Horseshoe gang are currently going at it with diss records back and forth as a friendly competitive battle
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