Official Hornets @ Cavs Game Thread: Return Of Telle Tubby Powe The Laker Killer

Joined Feb 29, 2000
Leon Powe is suited up. I expect him to get some minutes in garbage time as i think the hornets will get blown out as the cavs snap their 3 game losing streak
Joined Aug 20, 2003
Nevermind, got it. What an ILL shot by Jamison. They holdin shaq lol u can't stop that big man... its almost the end of the 1st and strong james has'nt even taken a shot. Look at MO blocking collison lol nice
Joined Dec 27, 2002
So are we just going to pretend Marcus Thornton doesn't have 19 points in 8 minutes? The Q is type quiet all of a sudden.
Joined Aug 14, 2005
He seems to play better off the bench, but I think he should be starting. Mo Pete is just not active anymore
Joined Dec 3, 2009
Cleveland getting out rebounded with all those bigs.

14 FT's to 5 though... really? LeTruck with ZERO fouls? The fix is in...
Joined Feb 29, 2000
under 5 is when the cavs usually break away at home from their opponents...

these cavs announcers are horrible tho. one sounds like he orgasms everytime the cavs score and the other just sounds drunk....
Joined Sep 10, 2009
hate to see them bout to lose this game...Hornets was ballin, Thornton did his thing tho

maybe they wont let em pull away but I doubt it
Joined Apr 16, 2008
needed that one bad...

thornton was beast thou..props to him

anyway...start of a new winning streak
Joined Apr 4, 2007
Feels good to be on the winning side again.....had me worried for a bit

Like the drop and roll between Bron/Jamison
Joined Dec 27, 2002

The same thing that killed the Hornets in the first five minutes of the game killed them in the last five: terrible rotations and miscommunications, leaving three-point shooters wide open.

Peja kind of shot the Hornets out of the game, and I have no idea why he played as much as he did. Of course Julian had the best and played a third of Peja's minutes.

D. West putting Varejao in a coma would have saved the night for me, though.

The kids.
Joined May 6, 2009
Happy the streak is over hornets played a good game and Thornton went off.

But i like the grown man dunk by jamison and the way him and Bron were on the same page. Looks like promising trade.

D needs to step up though.
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