Jan 17, 2007
First off, we want to thank everyone who has already come out and showed their support!
Next, I'll get right to it, Limited Edition Is:

Located at 302 Goshen St #100, Richmond VA 23220
(Across from Five Guys and Alladins Pizza on Broad St. is a One Way street called Goshen. We are halfway down the block on the left, right before the alley).

Open: Tues-Sat 12-7 and sometimes when needed we are open till 8pm on Fri and Sat. If you make an appointment, we'll come through on mon or sun.
Phone: 804.332.5926

We currently carry these lines currently:
I have been to this place and its crazy great people that own it, will be spending alot of my money there
All the prices there are reasonable and the reason why I said I am going to send alot of money is because they have alot of things I like. But you should really check it out.
Cuz, I can see if them your peoples and all, but you obviously got [Rick James Skit] :smh:

My *honest* complaint --
I spent about 5 lunch breaks going there a couple weeks ago (2 more past my "3 strikes" rule), only for them to be "closed" when office hours say different. Thus, you can count me out like New Edition. My time ain't that valuable, but then again, it kinda is...

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Just can't stay away, the game obviously >:

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So What's Really Hood or Good about this spot?

*anyone seen Lavan?*

He's always one to give a store an intial review...hmmmm
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WOW pump your brakes, they have the same prices as Flight Club and some are even cheaper. And if you haven't went into the store how can you knock it????? Check it out! Then Talk
If Flight Club is the basis of your comparison, that might be the problem. :lol:
All our clothes are retail, shoes are consignment so they r higher than retail, set by the people who consign them.

Thanks for the info.That is the type of info people are looking to hear/ read off the top.
We want 2 b straight up with people, this is obviously not the holy grail of shoes with the selection of flight club and the prices od DTLR, but then again there will never b a place like that.
I had to chckle when I read they are like FLight Club. but then I probably should have choked.. but at least a Rep is coming in trying to clear up misconceptions.

It will be interesting to see other follow up feedback and the progress of this new spot.
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The Fake Police
Check it out! Then Talk
initial :wow:
and :wow:
wild :wow:
Lesson *Of course, I don't have a link to the thread, you know, with things being deleted and all in this thread*
"...Hate to blast ya, but I have ta..."
Thanks for the teachings, B.I.G.​
Just came from the store just now..and I must say there shoe selection game stepped up from the last time I went in :wow:
. They are the only ones in richmond with an assortement of dope denims and the decor of the store is probably the best out of all 4 boutiques.They have alot of size runs for each shoe so there stock is probably crazy, I cant say that about many other stores in the area. The 2 owners Ben and Mark are real good people and the accounts there working on and have currently are DOPE. check the store out, as a consumer I love what there doing for Richmond and same goes for all the other shoe stores that just opened up. :pimp:

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I wish they would hurry up and sell me those shoes that i've been asking about for about 5 days now...
F this sneaker sh__!
HEADS UP-We WILL be CLOSED thursday and friday(19th and 20th). We reopen Sat at 12. Sorry for any inconvenience, we had some unforseen business pop up on us. Thanks
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Stopped by last time I was in richmond.

Overall ambiance of the store is fantastic. (red walls, furniture, art, all of that was dope even smelled good as a @#%$)

I was impressed by the clothing selection. Huge selection of premium denim and I havent seen that much authentic Bape gear in one place since Busy Works Shop in NYC.

The shoe selection could have used a little work but being a consignment shop I think they had a pretty good selection.

I would deff recommend checking it out.
Just to clear some things up, the prices are not crazy high, there prices are competitive w/ just about any other consignment shop in America and sometimes alot lower. For example they have
AM 90 Infareds for $125
SB's (dunks,p-rods, blazers)ranging from-$90-$125
I think most of the bapes are 275-300 and
Jordans- are competitive w/ any other website or store and have a full size range for most
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Doing things One Hunded!
Oooooh....is this the place that has like a Chinese theme?

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