OFFICIAL MARCH 2010 PICKUP POST - no pic quoting!!!

Joined Jun 2, 2006
dunno if i could start it up..but i noticed its already March and no pickup post yet..
mods..please change if needed.. are my pickups..about 2 months worth coz of the stupid NT virus that knocked my laptop out

AJ 11 spacejams:

patta AM1s..thanks xmo

tennis ball chucks..ive been looking for a pair around my size and i finally snagged one
 first pair of chucks btw

sample silver halfcents..thanks bigj

KD2 creamsicles..thanks fresh

penny max 2s

AM1 reds for $30

sample neon BOs for $35

sample bron 6 lows

AM1 atmos..thanks daaznfella

wearable air G.O.s

adidas kobe pump-n-run PEs (better than 4 rings imo)

thanks to abernja for the samples
EDIT: i guess i shoulda added the NT virus to my
oh yeh..NT staff..whats good with my NT shirts?  its been a while since i paid for my order.
see yall next month


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Joined Jan 23, 2007
glad ur back mel0nhead... now u just need them green spark samples from me
Joined Jun 13, 2006

This NT Virus... I've heard about it, but I don't know about it. Anybody got more details? Thread link?

Nice pickups, btw.

Joined Oct 18, 2009
Yeah what exactly does this NT virus do? How do you know if you got it? A couple of days ago I was having problems with loading pages here and hearing some sort of commercial in the background out of nowhere. Any info?
Joined May 4, 2009
Ive been havin a problem also...
It always trys redirected me to some other site... My Mcafee Siteadvisor doesnt allow it too unless i "Override thewarning" but its mad annoyin
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Very stoked on the outcome............

More pics in the Team AM Fam thread.

Also purchased an Iron Heart/Self Edge Belt:

Joined Oct 18, 2017
Dope pickups Mel0nhead, I need those (Penny) Flights in my life again. I wish Nike would retro those ASAP!
Joined Jul 5, 2008
wish i had some air go's this shoe needs to see a retro soon...and just incase u ppl didnt know they were tim hardaways not pennys.....i used to have the white/american blue ones they were so fire...i still have the box...too bad the shoes are long gone
Joined Apr 10, 2006
wow, melon, those sample bo's so cheap... i'm jealous!

starting the month off the right way - the vintage way.

picked up one of my favorites today... nike air flight '90

Joined Oct 15, 2006
picked these up for me

and got these for the lady

nice pick ups everybody and you tell me its only the first of the month wow
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