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Another instance of being able to successfully giving an offensive player different looks.

I am currently in my Franchise with OKC (Player Locked as the Pgs); and I am in a 1st Round matchup vs. Kings.

Before the game started, my defensive settings vs. Rondo were the following

Go Under Screen

That was for all positions.

So the game started and he was giving us problems in the pNr. He had close to 5 assists in the first quarter. After he threw an oop to Cauley-Stein, I had enough.

I hadn't set him to YES under "Pre-Rotate" because I would have preferred he scored instead of getting other people involved. So I didn't want to end up telling my teammates to help off of the wing shooters. (Gay, Belineli McLemore, Caron, Casspi).

So after he started burning us, I set Pre-Rotate to YES and I doubled him on ALL pNr situations. So the opposite side wing would be in a position to protect the paint if he just so happens to get the pass off to the rolling big.

So yes, we had success putting an end to his playmaking. He ended up with 11 assists and most of those were off of simple passes to open shooters.

So yes, it is possible to make defensive changes to the CPU in pNr situations.
Joined Oct 13, 2001
Okay I got my created player on my team now I just gotta figure out how to play a season with them thanks for the help
When you start the season, and are doing the pre-season settings. Say YES to using CUstom Rosters. Then load the file that has your created player on the team
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Set my playoff format to the 1990s style. 5-7-7-7

I beat the Kings 3-0 in the first round

I lost to the Clippers 3-1 in the 2nd round. They smashed me man. I wasn't even funny

Finally getting around to playing Summer League in my Season. There definitely needs to be more Free Agents to add to these Summer League Rosters. But I appreciate them putting in the Summer League Point System.

I damn sure love this game man
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Yea I do enjoy this 2k a lot

If anyone plays ProAm on Xbox at the 2/3 position Lmk

Team got back on recently and it's normally 3 of us. Getting back into it before 17

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