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Can anyone list all the made in the USA collabs?  the only ones that come to my mind are salmon soles, ARCs, and B&Bs
There's also all the J. Crew NBs and those glorified custom 574s from Kith, PYS, Concepts, Burn Rubber, Ubiq, etc. (if you count those).
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Although I guess they aren't actually made in the USA. Just a collab with a US shop.
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^ That's Nike sizing, which I think most of us have burned into our brains. NB is a half-size off, so a UK 10.5 = US 11.

Ended up that I forgot I had already put a pair in my cart while checking them out on my phone. So when I added another pair, it said size not available b/c there was only 1 pair total left. :lol:

Scored them for $123 shipped. :pimp: :pimp:

USASPRING20 gets you 20% off from End, folks. Valid for 72 hours.
Appreciate it.
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Although I guess they aren't actually made in the USA. Just a collab with a US shop.
yup... not made in the USA.
I always found it odd that New Balance (or the shops/people they do collabs with) typically decide to go the made in Asia route instead of US or UK for most collabs.  I guess it's profit based (higher production numbers for lower production cost), but still it would be nice to have every limited release be of the same quality as Made in US or Made in UK GR's..
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is it me or does it look like his toes come out more than the bottoms. I never owned new balances always wanted um during that good ole buy one get one half off back to school sale. cuz lord knows u couldnt get Jordan's half off so i tried to plan accordingly. 
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really hoping that both of the 1500's make their way stateside. although i can't believe that price that end had them listed for!

.....just realized this price is still standing and am having a hard time not pulling the trigger.
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