May 24, 2006
so whats goin on in the PNW... where's everybody going?

my homeboys got some rez at the alexis(seattle), but was wonderin if we should do some hoppin first

**conference games have finally begun, time to show those pretenders **cough cough ducks** who owns the northwest.. go huskies!
NEW YEARS BOWL!!! we should go play football before the new years, lol. me and a group of people where supposed to play football for christmas, but it didn't go down... hopefully new years
Hella filthy!
Team Friends With Benefits
Im going to a Prince party tonight, tommorow night is a FISTMas party, and I have tickets to some show new years eve. I will recover for a year.
Team Negrodamus​

Supremedunks was jimmys sn until he quit shoes, and the der ubertreter just got accepted so imma use that one.

i only have one extra sn compared to you:

dunks206=your niketalk sn
shoenewbs206=your ******** sn

plus I havent made a sn for nearly 3 years. Seattle206/2003,
supremedunks/2003(jimmy created that until he gave his pw to me) so technically I never created the sn Supremedunks, and der ubertreter/2004 ( finally got accepted through nt last month).

since I joined NT in 2001, my original sn Robs2o6 was banned so I made yoko206/2002, until Kurt and jahon logged in and changed my pw and posted stupid crap, so I made Seattle206 in 2003, then jimmy quit shoes and I started using Supremedunks on the side, then I made Der Ubertreter in 2004, and used that name in the Desert Eagle Forums, Airsoft forums, fishing forums, and EZboard aquatic forums, hence the 200+ posts.

So technically Ian, you have made more sn's compared to me when you started in NT then when I started on NT. since you made Shoenewbs206 4-5 months before Dunks206, whereas I made my screen names one-two years apart. So damn dude, you need to slow it down...

So, Der Ubertreter was the only actual SN I made for fun. I havent made a sn since high school, which was almost 3 years ago.
Hahaha robert... you mad?

I made shoenewb206 in 04, and I don't even use it anymore. You even said it, you have like 5 screen names, and I have 2. Oh yeah, when was the last time you've seen a shoenewb206 post? Probably last year, where as you post regularly with supreme dunks and seattle206, trying to act like you are different people... :smh:
Team Friends With Benefits
We don't want no..DRAMA!
Team Enjoi​
We skate for peanuts

"My poop post had a warning in the title. It didn't even look like poop, it looked like chocolate milk, true story "
Haha, no ian. I dont get mad over little stuff ian, you know me. but if you want me to get mad, i can...

I have 3 sn's, two of them which i personally created are active, supremedunks was never created by me, i use it. first two are gone, those were out of my control. how do I have 5? lets see...

Robs2o6=banned/ gone
Yoko206= Kurt and Jahon hijacked. Now Kurts sn.

Seattle206= my regular nt sn
Supremedunks= my 'fun' sn/seldom post/ created by jimmy.
Der Ubertreter= my guns and fishing forum sn. rarely on nt.

I wasnt trying to show you out ian, I was just stating what is true.
dam robert, how many screen names do you have? seattle206, supreme dunks, and now the Der Ubertreter? damn dude, slow it down. And also, don't say that supreme dunks is jimmy's sn, cuz you know damn well that he doesnt even go on niketalk anymore
s too.

and my grandpa is dieing right now, im not in a good mood.
Haha. I didn't know about that sn till like late sep, early nov. So yeah... my bad if I ment to make you mad, haha. Hope your gramps gets better though
Hella filthy!
Team Friends With Benefits
Has anyone done new years eve at the space needle... like, chilling outside ala times square?
I really dont feel like going to any houseparties tonight.
Maybe it will grow if you water it.
so, i stayed sober this year... chilled with ALL my dudes... grubbed and won a couple bucks playin cards.

Hey!! I'm P to the A to the U to the L.
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