Official Nike Huarache 2K5 Post -- Info, Release Dates + Pix


Aug 16, 2002
Can someone please post pictures, release dates and color codes for the upcoming Huarache 2K5 shoes!!! These are one of the most talked about shoes of late and all I've seen thus far is the All-Star colorway pics/info only. I'm not sure if any of this was previously posted or not...but this forum's search feature is totally useless.

These shoes are set to release in about a month and I can't seem to find anything about what colorways are being released and how much.

Also how come there isn't a sticky thread in this forum for the H2K5??? There's a LeBron and a VC sticky....yet those shoes aren't selling worth @#$%! >:

Thanks in advance
I agree I think there should be an official 2K5 sticky post.
info and pics have been posted for months. use the search button

i do agree a sticky would be good
The sticky is a great idea for this. I haven't seen any release dates either so can someone pots them. Also i think the price is $135 because the All-Star 2k5's at was and they usually sell them at retail. I could be wrong though so don't hold me against that guess.
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Man 2k5's have grown on me so much
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According to the Release Date Schedule at work (Footaction), the grey/royal blue along with the white/red and white/black colorways all are going to drop on 3/26/2005.
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There seems to be two of these "official" threads....but since this one actually has pictures (not to mention it's spelled right :rofl:
), I'll post on this one.

The all black ones are blazin hot. I can't wait til those drop.

I wanted to get the black/royal ones we saw pics of earlier but I heard those were canceled. Anyone confirm?

Oh and the navy/maize and navy/red colorways from the all-star event are :pimp:

Anybody know when they'll be on ID?
"The Air Zoom Huarache 2K5, style number 310850-151 in White/Varsity Purple-Canyon Gold (KOBE's), has a nationwide release date for all retailers on 7/1/05" - NikeRep


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why would there be a difference in the cushioning etc? ALL 2k5's are Zoom and Nike Free and the GR is the exact same without the strap.
Man, it must be difficult to come up with an entirely new 2k model every year, seeing that they have to in some way "out do themselves."


WHats the story on these/???????????? Sample? Release date!?!?! holy god

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