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These haven't gone into production and RD is in October right? Shouldn't be too hard to revise that list with some Black/Yellow or Black/Purple joints.
They’re gonna for sure add some Lakers colorways. Those are just the initial colorway info.
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On sneakers, it’s when the sole pertreudes passed the outline of the shoe for additional stability. Apologies if it was a poor explanation.

The initial LeBron 15 lacked lateral stability, so Nike added an outrigger sometime during the season specifically for Bron. Wish the modifications made it to the production pairs.

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Hopefully they do nothing Kobe related. We're trying to set new legacies over here
But that's inevitable. Kobe has been an inspriration for LBJ his whole career even going back before HS. If all his other 'heroes' have been honored through shoes (MJ, Penny, Griffey twice, Deion 3 times)... why not Kobe? ESPECIALLY in laker colors.
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Wait, yours popped while playing basketball indoors??
Yeah, it popped while playing indoors. I only hoop indoors and was making a cut and it just popped. Maybe it was a quick change in direction but I immediately felt the air bag flatten out in the forefoot
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