**OFFICIAL** Nike One Time Only Clerk Pack

Dec 13, 2005
has anyone seen these yet? saw the article on slamxhype and thought each shoe out of this pack was dope. anyways here are the pics:

Air Max 90 Hybrid "Air Stab Foot Patrol" Colorway

Air Max 95 Hybrid "AM90 Dave Quality Meat's Bacon" colorway

Air Max 97 Hybrid "AF180 Union" Colorway

Air Max 360 Multi-Colored Polka Dots

heres what the article said:

What would you get if you flip Foot Patrol Air Stab, AM90 DQM Bacon and Union AF180s colourway and put them on different kicks? Via Streething.

Design innovation at Nike is about playing with your history and taking it further. The uppers of the legendary Air Max shoes became the canvas for something remarkable.

Throughout its history, Nike has worked with several collaborating design partners. One of these collaborations is the Clerk Packs in conjunction with select retail partners worldwide.
Leyva and Clarke selected 4 of their favorite clerk pack colorways and applied them to the One Time Only silhouettes. They also made use of the identical materials that were originally applied on the Clerk Pack models. The Foot Patrol Air Stab colorway decorates the Air Max 90.The Air Max 95 takes its bacon colored make-up from the Daves Quality Meats Air Max 90. The vibrant Air Max 97 uses the Union Stores Air Force 180 color picking. Each example makes use of the identical materials that were sourced for the original Clerk Pack models. The Air Max 360 sports a totally new make up; a multi-colored polka-dot treatment was fashioned to decorate the upper.

They will only be available in Limited Edition Singapore in this region on 30th September 2006.

** EDIT **
just consolidating info / pics from other related posts :

posted by liquidrice :

Drops Fall Winter 2006/2007

From Freshness




amazing use of colors and materials + unacceptable 360 sole = apathy with respect to having no chance of getting them
The DQM 95's are hot...I'll buy if I get the chance...the rest are not that great
Don't believe the HYPE!!!
Variant makers dream come true...

They will be able to piece together ANYTHING and people will think "maybe those are real" and just released in Asia in limited numbers...


gosh those 97's are hot, they did they have to put the 360 sole on them
For Sale/Trade: AM 90 Clerks sz 11 DS, VII Cardinals sz 10 DS, Eire SB sz 11.5 DS.
union 97s are too ill

theres more kicks being released in an ACG earth tone colorway
PEEP HYPEBEAST for the full article and pics...

I want your DS Air Max's sz 13
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I always do the f***in', just might do the buckin'.
I leave my Nikes stuck in your rectum, till you learn
Brand Nubian, yo, you gotta respect em
This is a prime example what happens when Sneakerheads hate a nike concept but then they throw some spices in it Nike $*@! Am union 97z sick
I agree with what most of the posters above. I love the bacon colored 95s and the union 97s, but it would look better without the AM360 sole. But, then again if I have a chance to get these for decent price. I'd probably buy a pair of each.
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