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This is good info...thanks for this. I bought a couple colors in the cheaper version and returned them as they weren't worth the $$$. Material was incredibly cheap. We all know that there's a big gamble with the poly fabrics and all their "technologies" some are great. Some are horrible. Really like the Nikecourt Challenger from last year (product # CI9146 ) Only complaint is I wish the navy and black were more true rather than both being two different shades of gray.

Speaking of that...anyone got a lead on where I can get the Ghost Green version of that shirt from last summer in size large?
I got one from these guys - Local shops in atl that are a little more expensive. You can email them the inventory number and they can tell you if they have it. I didn't see ghost green in my shop but they had a few others.
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For sure. Just excited to see it hitting retail somewhere, ya know. Full disclosure-I really like the new women's color way coming with it too.
Do we have a picture of this wmns colorway? And since we're talking about shoes. I'm starting to think about trying the Vapor Cage 4 because I really like some colorways. But my main concern would be the weight. I'm playing mainly on clay between April and October (I'm in Switzerland and this is the most common surface outdoors) and quick movement/footwork is really important for me so I'm more than happy with my Vapor 9s/9.5s/10s and Pros but what do you think about the Cages 4. Are they that heavy? Would you recommend them for clay?
Thanks for your feedback. 👍🏾
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The company that owns Tennis Point and just bought Midwest Sports last month, has now also bought Tennis Express

they want to merge MW and TE to beat TW, TW is still very good for buying tennis stuff, at this time
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Hi guys!
I’m back after 3 years, because I need some help. I want to sell some of my Fed’s vapors (8.5-9us) and I’ll be very thankful if you DM me some places where I can sell it or people, who could be interested in it.
Thank you.
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