Official Poetry thread VOL. pour out your soul.

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  1. mrgrapes85


    Sep 9, 2007
    I don't ever remember there being a thread solely dedicated to poetry.

    This thread is open to anything for example:

    -You can post your personal poetry/lyrics
    -Your favorite poem
    -Really anything that has to do with poetry.

    I was just kicking back at this chill spot near my campus, writing some poems and I realized that I never seen a thread to share poems on NT. I hope y'all can contribute, I have some poems I wrote way back in the day when I dated this girl. I'll try to pick some out and post some. Really just share anything you like.
  2. johnnyredstorm


    Apr 5, 2008
    Wrote these a week or two back

    It was

    We had nothing
    We had something

    It was May
    I failed to woo you

    It was June
    I realized I missed you

    It was August
    Your boo left you

    It was September
    I fell for you

    We had the sun
    Shine through us

    We had the moon
    Guide us

    Our time together
    Soothed our souls
    Our fears dissipated
    Leading us through the tolls

    It was October
    I felt you slip away

    It was October
    I wished for another day

    Nothing mattered
    My mind was battered

    We had something
    Without you
    I had nothing

    In the Hills

    I walked through
    The wet grass
    Washing the soles
    Of my sneakers
    Wiping away
    The steps we took together

    I ran away from you
    Just to forget you
    Just to never hate you
    But I couldn't escape you

    You impacted my life
    But you wouldn't put down my knife
    You insisted on carving
    Your initials in my spine

    We walked for hours
    We laughed when we realized
    It was half past five
    We both knew we were on borrowed time
    But we thought nothing of it

    You inspired me
    To scream in jubilee
    I lifted myself
    To a level
    I didn't know
    I could reach

    Your lips captivated me
    Stop and go
    Stop and go
    Your legs wrapped around me

    I never wanted you to let go

    I have to live without you
    In the hills
    Wondering if we'll ever
    Experience that weekend
    Ever again


    It wasn't my wish
    But I understood it

    We weren't supposed to go
    Where we went
    We never got
    Where we could've gone

    But we went far enough
    To know the burning
    Felt in Saigon

    Our time together
    Brought us to a place
    You were too innocent
    To understand

    Jaded and abused
    Malnourished and confused
    I never wanted you
    To slip away and leave

    But I understood
    You had to
    Jump out of the plane
    Before we landed

    You meant a lot to me
    You always will

    You were the princess cut diamond
    I never thought I would find

    One day I hope to see you again
    Flushed and out of breath
    To your hot point

    I never wanted you to leave
    But it's understood

    This Time

    When it makes sense
    It'll happen again

    Life is cyclical
    We went through
    Our first two acts
    Odds are
    We'll have a third

    Where it goes
    We'll see
    It doesn't matter
    But this time
    I'll at least
    Cherish each moment
    As its last

    I was complacent
    It was unexpected
    I wasn't ready
    I sunk in the deep end
    I did it to myself

    But this time
    It'll be as special as it once was
    The electricity will
    Never be forgotten
    And when the time comes
    We'll both be ready

    This time

    It'll be easier to deal with
    It won't come as a surprise
    It'll be cherished forever

    Without You

    Common sense says
    I should be upset I met you

    I fell for you
    And you left me
    On the side of the highway
    In the middle of Las Vegas
    Without water or sunscreen

    But without you
    I never would've experienced
    What it's like to live
    In a world
    Full of chaos and love

    Without you
    I wouldn't have found
    The discipline and patience
    Needed to achieve

    I failed for years
    I repeated the same mistakes
    I gave up hope
    But you appeared

    Without you
    I wouldn't have been inspired
    I wouldn't have figured out
    How to turn lead into gold

    I will always care for you
    Because without you
    I would be a miserable bloke
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  3. mrgrapes85


    Sep 9, 2007
    Damn dude, I like that. So much emotion. I wrote this one tonight in about an hour, which is weird. Because for the longest time I haven't been inspired to write anything, but this kinda just came to me.

    Behold, beauty is there
    Within every bare water drop that falls
    From the sky
    And even while you try to question why
    It still exists
    It exists, and persists through your emotion
    To have the courage to create an entire ocean
    It is within the wretched weed
    That somehow, breaks through cracks
    To feed from the sunlight above
    It exists, whether you hate, or you love
    Beauty is there
    It manifests itself as a reminder
    For you to stay strong
    And for you to look back and see how far you've come along
    Whether you notice it or not,
    Beauty will always be waiting,
    To catch your glimpsing eye
    To give reason to your cries,
    To be the reason to your whys
    Never forget,
    That beauty truly cares
    Beauty is everywhere
    Behold, beauty is there
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  5. johnnyredstorm


    Apr 5, 2008
    Thanks dude, yeah wrote it in an emotional mind state :lol:

    I like that poem. Too often we overlook how easy it is to find beauty, even in the ugliest, simplest things.
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    Sep 9, 2007
    Dang breh I need quick freestyles with you haha
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    Sep 9, 2007
    Shane Koyczan is one of the greatest man.