**Official Public Niketalk Signal**

Sep 9, 2005
The official NT Signal is ** Tap Your Right Shoe twice and Pull Up The Tounge**, when you see someone at the mall or anywhere that looks like an NTer. :wink:

when nter has acknowledged the "tapper" as a nter he must do the mookie do the right thing hand shake

They already made this thread in the general forum,but I know not everyone looks in there so, I put it in here for my Houston/Vegas heads (& anywhere else)

Credit goes to: Jun187 & Derryj3

Kobe is only guilty of adultery.SIN FORGIVEN.​
Since we are on the internet, we have no way to know what we all look like. So when you're in the mall & you see someone's shoes that makes you think, "I wonder if that dude is an NTer", You do the signal & if he's a NTer and he's seen the posts about it, he'll recognize the signal.

That's the best I know how to explain it.
Kobe is only guilty of adultery.SIN FORGIVEN.​
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