Official Sneaker Box Tag/Label Replacement and Customization Thread

Joined Jul 15, 2011
Have you ever purchase a pair of  kicks from the market place or ebay but it didn't come in the original box? I know i have! And i love keeping my boxes of kicks organized.

No more scavenging ebay trying to find a specific sneaker box!

Just Print, Cut and Stick the label to any generic sneaker box you can find. 

If you want a "Flint" jordan 13 box but only have a "Black Metallic" 5 sweat!! Just stick the new label over the old one.

The purpose for this thread is for organization ONLY. This thread is not for bootlegging or fakes.

this is an example of how the label/tag looks like.

AirMax 1 Box Label

NIKE (AF1, Shox ect) 2000-2005 Label

LeBron 9 Box Label

SB Dunk Low Pro

Recent Jordan Retro Box Label

1999-05' Jordan Retro Box Label

1997-98 Jordan BOX LABEL

1995-96 Jordan Box Label

2012 Jordan Box Label

all you have to do is print it out with sticker paper and stick it right on to whatever box you want.

All my labels have "$!#++#*%#%@**.COM" on the side replacing the barcode to differentiate my label and the authentic. 

The labels are free on request. I'm not trying to make a profit, i'm trying help my fellow sneakerheads out. HOWEVER i will be keeping it (2 LABELS PER USER) Please understand that i also have a family and it takes time making these labels. If you want additional ones there will be a fee in which we'll discuss via private message.

To request a label, please write a comment with the following





I also do customizations! If you created a custom colorway for a particular sneaker (ie. south beach jordan 6) or you want to have a sneaker called "AIR BOB" it will be a small fee. Just message me and we'll discuss pricing and details.
Joined Jul 15, 2011
@jayzrdead: Lets just say you purchased a pair of kicks from eBay or NT Marketplace and that pair didn't come with the OG Box (I have several times), All you have to do it print my label with sticker paper and stick it to whatever sneaker box you'd like. This helps you keep all your kicks organized. This is also great for people who have damaged OG Boxes and would love to get them replaced. 
@sbsallday12: Unfortunately i cannot provide the template because i dont want them to get into the wrong hands. The idea of this is to help out other sneakerheads. I will gladly take care of any requests, i just dont want to provide these templates to people who want to make money or get over on people by selling fakes ect..

Im in the middle of making Labels for SB's, Nike, Lebrons & Adidas 
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Could I get one for my Chroms 8s please? They came out in 2003. Colorway is BLACK/CHROME under that it says NOIR/CHROME. Size 11.5 US. Styling is 305381 001
Joined Mar 15, 2008
hi , i need a box label for:

Size: 10.5

Model: air tuned max (104189)

Colorway: white/firefly/storm grey (171)

Year: 1999

second shoe


Model: air jordan 3 retro (136064)

Colorway: white/true blue (104)

Year: 2011

I have a third pair as well so if you can message me and let me know what youd charge per label, id appreciate. Thank you very much again for donating your time and effort to help out real fellow sneakerheads.
Joined Jul 15, 2011
due to the overall response i've been getting in regards to the box labels i can no longer make them for free. This has been consuming alot of my time. If you would still like one, it would be $10 via paypal in which i will print out the label and send it to you via postal service. If you're still interested please contact me at
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