Official SNEAKER PIMPS H-Town 9/8/07 Redman Bun B +PRE-PARTY

yooo good looks on everybody who made it out to the pre-party and sneakerpimps. was dope event.
H-town preparty was way better and I should have stayed the remainder of the night! Sneakerpimps was average at best(sorry, but I've seen better at other places).

Brawnz thanks a million for your support for both Big D and SanAnton.

Megadeath- I'd like to talk to you when you're more lucid.LOL

Deadstokk crew- what else is there left to say except InfoRed- tore those wannabees another hole!!!!
T E A M L E B R O N S Z 1 6​
I think the pre-party was dope. I didn't go to SP and from what I hear I'm glad I didnt. Got to see alot of people I havent seen in awhile at the pre-party, got to put alot of faces to these screen names.
Shoutout to Hozay and everyone who played in the poker game!! Congrats to the winner in the crooks hat and apollo in 2nd, I got third but didnt win @#%$! Other than that everything was real cool.

Aliefinest...........................................................Peace ya'll.
sneakers pimps was decent at best...
the opening acts were...mehhhhhhhhh..........
"V-Squad" and it was ONE GUY?!?
only thing that kept me interested was this spanish lookin' girl with red jeans and a purple hoody...lip pierced that i talked to or tried to that night... sexy lip ring..and really short hair...and a nice back piece...
The Greatest Country In The World
Pre-party was dope. Brawnz and crew always hold it down. Apollo Creed with the dranks. Thanks, Homie. T21D and Ack Right click toasted a few, too. Happy quince, JJ! Sneaks Up 2008. Premium Goods with the Promo!
The show was so-so. It took me 20 minutes to see the displays. Info sunned the crowd and copped some ebay worthy K-Swiss. The openers nearly ruined the event. Bun B and Reggie Noble saved the night and committed mass murder. And will some one please return ole dude's SideKick!!
kb, check the SA post for my pics...

Sneaks up, kixpo, and htown summt > sneakerpimps
I want to say thanks to all the H-Town crew for showing me and all the Sneaks Up Crew a lot of love at the pre-party. Special thanks to Kadoma and Brawnz for the birthday cake and getting me twisted at the party, I can barely remember Sneaker Pimps. I got to agree with my man Ucasta.
Sneaks Up, Houston Summit, Kixpo > Sneaker Pimps
sorry so late but big thanks 2 all of houston for showing love 2 us....and dallas hell na i aint forget about ya big thanks 2 ya...
Was that Brawnz or Kadoma that came into Memorial City Champs the other day wearing Aquas & a PG Hat? I work there & you were asking for Vince. Video Honey described you & I figured it had to have been a NTer...
Check out the video for "Starlite"Ink is My Drink. Hip-Hop Ain't Dead Yet...
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