Official Super Mario Galaxy Thread!!!!

I posted this mini-review in the other thread. Can't wait to get my copy soon!

Super Mario Galaxy Hands On: :lol:

Gameplay: Tons of fun platforming action. Brought me back to the old days... I venture to say that this one is going to be more fun than Super Mario 64 (yeah, I said it.)

Graphics: One of the cleanest looking Wii games I've seen so far. The graphics were crisp, sharp, and overall very good.

Physics:ed making me feel very disoriented ( that's a good thing :lol:
) and really blew my mind. One of my favorite parts of the experience. I was moving my body with the game and felt totally immersed.

Controls: As mentioned above - the wii controls are very unobtrusive and seem very comfortable.

See you next Tuesday!​

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This game is amazing. Nothing but good reviews. I played it for 2 hours straight in the mall and was impressed with everything. The physics of the game are astounding. I can honestly spend all day "orbiting" the various objects in the level. Seriously, has there ever been a game to include this amount of gravity driven gameplay?

Maybe ratech and clank, theres a few levels where you have to walk upside down and what not, but honestly, what other game can you jump off of a tower and land upside down on the other side of the level?

Mario Galaxy may be one of the greatest platformers of all time. I hope that Donkey Kong comes out this good on on Wii. It seems that all of the 3D - platforner games missed the ball on gamecube. Nintendo platformers are back. :pimp:
Note to everyone that is trying to buy it. If you purchase this game at Toys R Us, you will receive a 25 dollar gift card.

There's a video review there - shows a ton of gameplay and I must say, it looks amazing... I really wish I had a wii just to play this game, i was a hugeMario fan - especially mario 64, which this looks A LOT like to me.

Sadly I don't think I'll be able to get it anytime soon - but enjoy guys.
Getting awesome reviews.

Got a 9.7 from IGN.

Gonna be great, I'm gonna have to wait until Christmas though.
This looks crazy nice.

I honestly think this'll be better than Super Mario 64.
I picked up my copy today. This game is mad fun. If u enjoyed Mario 64 u will enjoy this game.
I picked it up last night. This game is so unbelievably fun to play you have no idea. I only played for like an hour, but it was def the most fun I'vehad with any Wii game so far. Like other people have said, the way the game takes gravity into account is really remarkable. I was almost getting dizzyrunning around upside down around the planets
. I can'twait to get into this game and see what else you can do. Just gotta beat RE4 before that or I won't ever play it again.
i'm a pretty heavy gamer and this is one of the best games i've ever played..i damn near get a migrane after going around and around on those planets

the game has been excellent so far.
this is a good game so far, no doubt. some of the 'incoming comets' missions are stupid hard, only because we have "ONE LIFE" wth??

i like the one space stage where your walk of path forms as you get closer, that was

the ghost house was interesting too ahah
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