Official Toronto - Outlet and Store report

Jun 12, 2004
This is a thread to cut down the numerous useless posts in the last thread.

No posts regarding sizing.
No posts regarding if so and so is legit or not
No posts regarding where to buy_____....



*** Toronto ***

Nike Store Toronto

110 Bloor St. West
(416) 921-6453

Scarborough Town Centre

Footlocker, Champs Sports, Athletes World, Nike Athletes World

Si Vous Play

3 Locations
Lawerence Square
Yorkgate Mall (jane/finch)
Outlet - it's on Steeles and 407

Athletes World Outlet

Kind St. and Peter

-Da Zone
Queen St. and Aguasta Av. (may be Augusta) (Near Spadina)

Eaton Centre

Yonge Street
(AW, FTL, Sport Chek, Champs across the street)

Fairview Mall

(Champs, AW, FTL, Sport Chek, 2 tight jersey spots)

Good Foot

431 Richmond St W
Toronto Ontario
Canada M5V 1X9
416 364 0734


As of *06/07/04

Footlocker Outlet: Dixie mall... $100 for AM95's, and other old FL stuff... really good plac,e you can find stuff here you cant find anywhere else in Toronto anymore...

XTC: Malvern mall and albion mall. These guys dont even know they got heat; Daktaris, true reds, and true red reverse, grunge pack, (all $80 Flat), GOAT AF1s, michael vick af1s, all skin packs (trainer sc, delta 3/4), Baseball pack, AM90 pythons, both carnivals, some jordans (retail) some dunks and some vandals, and a really good clearance section. They might not ahve all of these anymore, but the do come out with alot of boutique stuff. Usually around $80-$180. Really good underground spot.

Cookstown Nike Outlet: Nike samples (if you ask for them), cheap clearance, Trainer 1s, terminators, shimas, huraches, 2k4s, running shoes... all around cheap place...

Si Vous Play Outlet: 13+ sizes, cheap nikes, nice new era hats and clothing. (Same with Si Vous Play Stores)

Unheard of Footlockers: Gerrard st. Markville mall, Eglintion Centre. You can find some old nikes from 2-6 years ago. Old things, also with cheap clearance.


Delphic: Not really talked about. Along queen street, bout 2-3 blocks away from DaZone. CHEAP clearance, and some boutique stuff, as well as adidas and skater brands (also good for clothing).

Uptown kicks: Off younge street. Not really as good as before when it first opened. Some Nike Outlet stuff. Small storage.

Jaydees: Eglinton West. Some dunks and jordans, and non-Nike shoes.

and the usuals: GoodFoot, DaZone, Capsule.

*NEW Honorable Mention:

- Lileo
- Vacant (Coming Soon)
- Vice (Closed/Moved?)
- Suite66 (Evisu, Le Tigre, Adidas etc. high-end)
- Lounge (Same as above, but male apparel)
- Certain shops at Pacific Mall & First Markham Place
- Sports Locker (Jerseys, Fitteds, Sportswear etc.)
- Uncle Otis
- Kensington Market
- Laced Up (In Hamilton)
- SB store in Newmarket (Forgot name, check
- Adrift (SB account)
- Groovy (Most adidas, NB, PF, Converse, Reebok etc. NO NIKE)
- Bombshelter (Graffiti items & Shoe/Merchandise display)
- Urban Outfitters (Madly over-priced)

186 MAIN ST. S
NEWMARKET, Ontario L3Y 3Z2

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first to post YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanx 3canada for starting it over
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This is a thread to cut down the numerous useless posts in the last thread.

2nd one. woo.

anyway, has anyone made the trek to blue tile lounge?
its a hardknock life for new NTers.

CDN dollar is 90 cents. Shopping going to get hectic next year.

New Goodfoot and Brkn Home tees are in.

Honestly without bias..the best goodfoot t-shirt line yet..there should be a mailer going out with the images soon.

Also...a lot of older tees, Bittersweet, Recon, Brkn Home Fall 05, Goodfoot Fall Tees, even some Stussy marked down to 30-40% off.

Some good deals to be found for sure.

hundred fifty dollar tennis shoes no suits
suggestion - can we have a seperate MTL, VCR, and TORONTO outlet and store report?

maybe include a SEATTLE one with VCR and a BUF one with TO?

just a suggestion..
1 perr Kobe Lasers for sale...size
will the invisible woman af1's be released on the 1st or 3rd @ either GDFT or Da Zone? Or wiil they be getting them at a later date.
Lileo's having a sale this weekend:






WANTED: Nike Dunk SB HULK size 12​
anyone go to the sale?

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get at me
I would expect any portion of the Fantastic 4's the come in probabaly June 3rd or later. Usually we get these releases lsightly later, don't we?

Also, Ther'es gonna be F & F @ footlocker... June 2-4th I THINK.
aka nkwu

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abotu when do you thikn the lileo full summer sale will go down?!
i dont wanna wait that long LOL
july? or august. cant quite remember

also, according to the capsule website, they got some in4mation Tees, + the F'ing awesome all over print hoody.
I guess they are gonna start doing online sales soon.
Get at me Canada!

pure$ IVs are at goodfoot. there was also a pair of UNDFTD Dunk Hi NLs in the display case. size 9 for anyone that cares.
I'm guessing everthing we want, from AM90s to even AF1s, are excluded, again?

Can anyone confrim?
CDN dollar is 90 cents. Shopping going to get hectic next year.
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