OG 12 sizing

Dec 20, 2006
I'm thinking of getting some og black and red 12's but they are a size 9. I normally wear a 9.5 in almost all jordans but all they have is a 9. Do any of yall think they would still fit. Any advice would be helpful.
I found that the 12s run a half size larger. That's my opinion though. Try them on see if they fit.
i have og 12s in my size and a half size small. you should be okay atleast i was,hope i helped

got some size 11 heat. get at me
i got OG playoffs and they are sz 11.5 and fit me like an 11 b, swoop the sz 9.5 or 10 imo
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i had an 8, had to sell it since it was killin my toes.... i wear all 8s currently
so i suggest 8.5 with the og
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The Og's do run a bit smaller I don't if it's because the shoe shrunk. I wear a sz 9 and the white n red 12's fit a bit tight.
i have the og white/red 12's n dey fit a little tight in a 9 and i have retro playoff 12's in a 9 and dey fit fine
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