Og 92 Raptor 7's

Joined Feb 22, 2009
Def Legit, I actually own a pair of those that are in decent condition except for the sole coming off

EDIT: I'm actually not sure if that is leather or not, they should be all suede, I can't tell if that's the flash or not
Joined May 1, 2008
any true og head plz respond ...

Tryna see if theres and possible way these were made in a diff ware house
Joined Nov 17, 2008
those look legit, but only the kids sizes had the leather. i had those when i was little, and they were leather just like that. mine were a size 5 though.
Joined Jul 6, 2008
They certainly look legit, but the leather suggests to me that they might be kids size, even though I thought kids sizes went up to size 6??
Otherwise it may just be from being well worn & the suede has worn off ....need a better pic of the tag to be 100% sure.

In good condition the black suede should be clearly visible....
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