Oh...I saw Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Today LOL


Sep 19, 2006
That girl definitely has problems. About 5' 3", 75 lbs.

Saw them walking in Annapolis...got ditched by the lady supposed to be helping me so she could be a groupie. :frown:

F this sneaker sh__!
That girl definitely has problems. About 5' 3", 75 lbs.

How is she gonna have a baby that will weigh more than her in about 6 years?

Anyone remember this comment from Hilary Duff..

Duffs comments were first published in an interview in the July issue of the fashion magazine Elle. The magazine quoted Duff, 18, saying that Madden was from a pretty ghetto place in Maryland, referring to Waldorf.

The MSN Web sites Hot Gossip column then repeated the quote earlier this week, along with a comment from People magazine, in which Madden reportedly said, I really want her to see where I grew up, because [its] sort of a humble place. Its not Hollywood at all. I want her to see that different life and take her to jobs I used to have unloading trucks, making pizzas and waiting tables.
hahaha yeah i remember that @#%$. dude had her thinking he had it rough growing up
F this sneaker sh__!
Is Nicole really pregnant?

Was she showing?
Now who's the king of these rude ludicrous lucrative lyrics
Who could inherit the title, put the youth in hysterics
Usin' his music to steer it, sharin' his views and his merits
But there's a huge interference - they're sayin' you shouldn't hear it​
Man people saying she's pregnant but when I saw her stomach looked like mine...she got a lil baby phat but definitely didnt look like she was having a baby.

If she is pregnant, I pray her baby will make it through the delivery and come out healthy.
F this sneaker sh__!
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