Oh I'm sorry, Did I Break Your Conversation........Well Allow Me A Movie Thread by S&T

Feb 6, 2007
This is a movie and tv show thread. You can write reviews, ask for advice on what to watch, list pick ups on DVD or Blu Ray, post info on new incoming movies you're excited for, list favorite movies/shows, just general discussion with other movie/tv fans.

The spoilers show some of the work done in this thread. Tell all your friends.

2010-2019 Movie Draft is on Page 2, Post #45

All Time Movie Draft

Round 1
getback getback --Jaws
jrp44 jrp44 --The Godfather
Master Zik Master Zik --When we Were Kings
nice dolphin nice dolphin --The Godfather II
kvsm23vs24 kvsm23vs24 --Terminator 2
noskey noskey --The Empire Strikes Back
big j 33 big j 33 --Pulp Fiction
mronegative mronegative --Do the Right Thing
jpzx jpzx --Forrest Gump
johnnyredstorm johnnyredstorm --Taxi Driver
MajinZuub MajinZuub --The Shining
C CP1708 --Goodfellas
danger style danger style --Raging Bull
Christian Pulisic Christian Pulisic --The Silence of the Lambs

Round 2
Christian Pulisic Christian Pulisic --Tombstone
danger style danger style --Unforgiven
C CP1708 --Gladiator
MajinZuub MajinZuub --Heat
johnnyredstorm johnnyredstorm --Reservoir Dogs
jpzx jpzx --Alien
mronegative mronegative --There Will be Blood
big j 33 big j 33 --2001: A Space Odyssey
noskey noskey --Saving Private Ryan
kvsm23vs24 kvsm23vs24 --Shawshank Redemption
nice dolphin nice dolphin --No Country for Old Men
Master Zik Master Zik --Groundhog Day
jrp44 jrp44 --Apocalypse Now
getback getback --Fargo

Round 3
getback getback --City of God
jrp44 jrp44 --Back to the Future
Master Zik Master Zik --Malcolm X
nice dolphin nice dolphin --The Dark Knight
kvsm23vs24 kvsm23vs24 --Avengers: Endgame
noskey noskey --Dr. Strangelove
big j 33 big j 33 --Jurrasic Park
mronegative mronegative --Coming to America
jpzx jpzx --Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
johnnyredstorm johnnyredstorm --Psycho
MajinZuub MajinZuub --Fight Club
C CP1708 --Star Wars
danger style danger style --Inglorious Basterds
Christian Pulisic Christian Pulisic --The Usual Suspects

Round 4
Christian Pulisic Christian Pulisic --Raiders of the Lost Ark
danger style danger style --Aliens
C CP1708 --Seven
MajinZuub MajinZuub --Predator
johnnyredstorm johnnyredstorm --Vertigo
jpzx jpzx --Anchorman
mronegative mronegative --The Matrix
big j 33 big j 33 --Schindler's List
noskey noskey --Casino
kvsm23vs24 kvsm23vs24 --The Exorcist
nice dolphin nice dolphin --LotR: Return of the King
Master Zik Master Zik --Cape Fear (OG)
jrp44 jrp44 --Die Hard
getback getback --Children of Men

Round 5
getback getback --Mad Max: Fury Road
jrp44 jrp44 --Django Unchained
Master Zik Master Zik --The Fly
nice dolphin nice dolphin --Pan's Labyrinth
kvsm23vs24 kvsm23vs24 --A Clockwork Orange
noskey noskey --Citizen Kane
big j 33 big j 33 --Casablanca
mronegative mronegative --Seven Samurai
jpzx jpzx --The Big Lebowski
johnnyredstorm johnnyredstorm --Its a Wonderful Life
MajinZuub MajinZuub --Boogie Nights
C CP1708 --The Departed
danger style danger style --Rear Window
Christian Pulisic Christian Pulisic --Rocky

Round 6
Christian Pulisic Christian Pulisic --Snatch
danger style danger style --Friday
C CP1708 --Inception
MajinZuub MajinZuub --Full Metal Jacket
johnnyredstorm johnnyredstorm --The Fugitive
jpzx jpzx --Get Out
mronegative mronegative --Oldboy
big j 33 big j 33 --12 Angry Men
noskey noskey --The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
kvsm23vs24 kvsm23vs24 --Once Upon a Time in the West
nice dolphin nice dolphin --Y Tu Mama Tambien
Master Zik Master Zik --The Maltese Falcon
jrp44 jrp44 --Good Will Hunting
getback getback --Lawrence of Arabia

Round 7
getback getback --L.A. Confidential
jrp44 jrp44 --The Thing
Master Zik Master Zik --Rambo
nice dolphin nice dolphin --E.T.
kvsm23vs24 kvsm23vs24 --Nightcrawler
noskey noskey --Blade Runner
big j 33 big j 33 --North by Northwest
mronegative mronegative --Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
jpzx jpzx --The Wolf of Wall Street
johnnyredstorm johnnyredstorm --A Fistfull of Dollars
MajinZuub MajinZuub --Enter the Dragon
C CP1708 --Halloween
danger style danger style --In the Mood for Love
Christian Pulisic Christian Pulisic --V for Vendetta

Round 8
Christian Pulisic Christian Pulisic --The Professional
danger style danger style --The Terminator
C CP1708 --True Romance
MajinZuub MajinZuub --Iron Man
johnnyredstorm johnnyredstorm --Benjamin Button
jpzx jpzx --Batman
mronegative mronegative --Akira
big j 33 big j 33 --Hoop Dreams
noskey noskey --Remember the Titans
kvsm23vs24 kvsm23vs24 --Million Dollar Baby
nice dolphin nice dolphin --On the Waterfront
Master Zik Master Zik --Black Panther
jrp44 jrp44 --Moneyball
getback getback --Sin City

Round 9
getback getback --The Karate Kid
jrp44 jrp44 --Memento
Master Zik Master Zik --The Wild Bunch
nice dolphin nice dolphin --Grand Budapest Hotel
kvsm23vs24 kvsm23vs24 --Speed
noskey noskey --28 Days Later
big j 33 big j 33 --Into the Spiderverse
mronegative mronegative --Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
jpzx jpzx --Monty Python and the Holy Grail
johnnyredstorm johnnyredstorm --Mean Streets
MajinZuub MajinZuub --Gangs of New York
C CP1708 --White Men Can't Jump
danger style danger style --History of Violence
Christian Pulisic Christian Pulisic --Shaun of the Dead

Round 10
Christian Pulisic Christian Pulisic --Captain America: Winter Soldier
danger style danger style --Godzilla
C CP1708 --Ghostbusters
MajinZuub MajinZuub --He Got Game
johnnyredstorm johnnyredstorm --A League of Their Own
jpzx jpzx --Caddyshack
mronegative mronegative --Creed
big j 33 big j 33 --Blazing Saddles
noskey noskey --Space Jam
kvsm23vs24 kvsm23vs24 --Rush Hour
nice dolphin nice dolphin --Casino Royale
Master Zik Master Zik --Network
jrp44 jrp44 --American Beauty
getback getback --Zodiac

Round 11
getback getback --25th Hour
jrp44 jrp44 --Guardians of the Galaxy
Master Zik Master Zik --Rope
nice dolphin nice dolphin --The Hustler
kvsm23vs24 kvsm23vs24 --The Lion King
noskey noskey --Night of the Living Dead (1968 )
big j 33 big j 33 --The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
mronegative mronegative --Training Day
jpzx jpzx --Kill Bill
johnnyredstorm johnnyredstorm --Toy Story
MajinZuub MajinZuub --Kill Bill 2
C CP1708 --Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
danger style danger style --High and Low
Christian Pulisic Christian Pulisic --Spirited Away

Round 12
Christian Pulisic Christian Pulisic --Platoon
danger style danger style --Millenium Actress
C CP1708 --Avengers: Infinity War
MajinZuub MajinZuub --The Outlaw Josey Wales
johnnyredstorm johnnyredstorm --Captain Marvel
jpzx jpzx --The Prestige
mronegative mronegative --The Fountain
big j 33 big j 33 --Airplane
noskey noskey --The Seventh Seal
kvsm23vs24 kvsm23vs24 --Jackie Brown
nice dolphin nice dolphin --Grave of the Fireflies
Master Zik Master Zik --Star Trek: First Contact
jrp44 jrp44 --Superbad
getback getback --The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada

getback getback
Sports--The Karate Kid
Drama--Lawrence of Arabia
Crime--City of God
Sci-Fi--Children of Men
Action--Mad Max: Fury Road
Western--The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
Comics--Sin City
Utility--L.A. Confidential
Utility--25th Hour

jrp44 jrp44
Drama--Apocalypse Now
Horror--The Thing
Crime--The Godfather
Sci-Fi--Back to the Future
Action--Die Hard
Western--Django Unchained
Comics--Guardians of the Galaxy
Utility--Good Will Hunting
Utility--American Beauty

Master Zik Master Zik
Sports--When we Were Kings
Drama--Malcolm X
Comedy--Groundhog Day
Horror--The Fly
Thriller--Cape Fear (OG)
Crime--The Maltese Falcon
Sci-Fi--Star Trek: First Contact
Western--The Wild Bunch
Comics--Black Panther

nice dolphin nice dolphin
Sports--The Hustler
Drama--The Godfather II
Comedy--Grand Budapest Hotel
Horror--Pan's Labyrinth
Thriller--Casino Royale
Crime--On the Waterfront
Action--LotR: Return of the King
Western--No Country for Old Men
Comics--The Dark Knight
Utility--Y Tu Mama Tambien
Utility--Grave of the Fireflies

kvsm23vs24 kvsm23vs24
Sports--Million Dollar Baby
Drama--The Shawshank Redemption
Comedy--Rush Hour
Horror--The Exorcist
Crime--A Clockwork Orange
Sci-Fi--Terminator 2
Western--Once Upon a Time in the West
Comics--Avengers: Endgame
Utility--The Lion King
Utility--Jackie Brown

noskey noskey
Sports--Remember the Titans
Drama--Citizen Kane
Comedy--Dr. Strangelove
Horror--Night of the Living Dead (1968)
Thriller--28 Days Later
Sci-Fi--The Empire Strikes Back
Action--Saving Private Ryan
Western--The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Comics--Space Jam
Utility--Blade Runner
Utility--The Seventh Seal

big j 33 big j 33
Sports--Hoop Dreams
Drama--Schindler's List
Horror--The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Thriller--North by Northwest
Crime--Pulp Fiction
Sci-Fi--2001: A Space Odyssey
Action--Jurrasic Park
Western--Blazing Saddles
Comics--Into the Spiderverse
Utility--12 Angry Men

mronegative mronegative
Drama--Do the Right Thing
Comedy--Coming to America
Crime--Training Day
Sci-Fi--The Matrix
Action--Seven Samurai
Western--There Will be Blood
Comics--The Fountain
Utility--Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Utility--Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

jpzx jpzx
Drama--Forrest Gump
Horror--Get Out
Thriller--The Prestige
Crime--The Wolf of Wall Street
Action--Kill Bill
Western--Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Utility--The Big Lebowski
Utility--Monty Python and the Holy Grail

johnnyredstorm johnnyredstorm
Sports--A League of Their Own
Drama--It's a Wonderful Life
Comedy--Toy Story
Crime--Taxi Driver
Sci-Fi--Benjamin Button
Action--The Fugitive
Western--A Fistfull of Dollars
Comics--Captain Marvel
Utility--Reservoir Dogs
Utility--Mean Streets

MajinZuub MajinZuub
Sports--He Got Game
Drama--Full Metal Jacket
Comedy--Boogie Nights
Horror--The Shining
Thriller--Fight Club
Action--Enter the Dragon
Western--The Outlaw Josey Wales
Comics--Iron Man
Utility--Gangs of New York
Utility--Kill Bill 2

C CP1708
Sports--White Men Can't Jump
Drama--The Departed
Sci-Fi--Star Wars
Western--Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Comics--Avengers: Infinity War
Utility--True Romance

danger style danger style
Sports--Raging Bull
Drama--In the Mood for Love
Horror--Godzilla (1954)
Thriller--Inglorious Basterds
Crime--Rear Window
Sci-Fi--The Terminator
Comics--History of Violence
Utility--High and Low
Utility--Millenium Actress

Christian Pulisic Christian Pulisic
Drama--The Professional
Horror--Shaun of the Dead
Thriller--Silence of the Lambs
Crime--The Usual Suspects
Sci-Fi--V for Vendetta
Action--Raiders of the Lost Ark
Comics--Captain America: Winter Soldier
Utility--Spirited Away
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As the title says

White Men Can't Jump
The Program
The Blind Side
Tin Cup
The Longest Yard  (re-make)
Jerry Mcguire
Happy Gilmore
Remember the Titans
We Are Marshall
Gladiator  (Boxing one with Cuba)
Field of Dreams
Rocky and Rocky IV
The Fighter

Friday Night Lights. 

(can't think of too many other TV shows other then Arliss or White Shadow which I never seen any of)

Movies I haven't seen yet  (but will get too at some point)
Bull Durham
He Got Game
Million Dollar Baby

Recommend some others that are worth watching. 

Table of Contents
Spoiler [+]
Hitchcock discussion, Pages 9-10
Leo Career, pages 16-17
Cominc Book upcoming, pages 42-43
Will Smith, page 16
Best Actor discussion, page 17
DeNiro v Pacino debate, pages 8-9
Ska--Pulp Fiction intervention, pages 21-23  (must read)
Hurt Locker bashing, pages 24 and 29
Battle LA-Alien Movie discussion, pages 20, 21, 36
Simpsons, King of the Hill, Futurama, pages 101-102
Painful Schindler's List discussion, pages 107-108
2011 Looking forward too movies, pages 5-7
Go-to movies (re-watchability), pages 10-14
Comedies, page 31
Draft origins, page early 40's
Bourne talk, pages 164-165
Best Buy DVD-Blu Ray trade in, page 163-164
James Cameron works, pages 170-171
We are not worthy, vol Emma Stone, pages 173-174
Obama can find Bin Laden, but good luck finding Shaun, pages 177-178
First pic/discussion from Dark Knight Rises, pages 178-179
Django, Dragon/Tattoo discussion, pages 191-192
X-Men First Class talk, pages 193-197
Um, we joined a movie club, page 206-
Worst movies, ever?  Pages 208-213
Show me yours and I'll show you mine, pages 216-219
Mean Streets reviews, pages 221-223
Bill Simmons is one of us, page 225
Comedy TV discussion, pages 227-229
Entourage memories, pages 234-236
Netflix price increase drama, pages 238-239
Harry Potter write ups by MrO, JPZ page 242-243
Nobody in this thread ever saw a Bond movie, vol confessions, 243-244
Dexter discussion, pages 251-252
Female Roles/Actresses, pages 257-259
Johnny's never seen Gladiator, inexscusable, page 260
CP watches A Clockwork Orange, page 277
Kev sparks Horror/Thriller recommends, pages 278-281
Reviews for Drive and Straw Dogs, plus Lucas, pages 283-284
The Sopranos debate, page 307
Character Draft beginnings, pages 319-321
Draft starts, page 326
Hunger Games reviews, pages 413-418 (Huge Write ups 416-417)
The Avengers, life is almost complete, page 442-450
Brilliant OZ write up by JA, page 466
Star Wars Prequels, page 470

Character Draft
Spoiler [+]

Round 1

MrO-- Quentin Tarantino for Pulp Fiction
Noskey-- Martin Scorsese, Goodfellas.
Big J-- Steven Spielberg, Schindler's List
Dub-- Stanley Kubrick, Eyes Wide Shut
JPZ-- Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight
Chester-- Maximus Decimus Meridius, Gladiator
CP-- Kaiser Sose, The Usual Suspects
Johnny-- David Fincher, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Round 2
Johnny-- Tyler Durden, Fight Club
CP-- Sarah Connor, Terminator 2
Chester-- Hannibal Lecter, The Silence of the Lambs
JPZ-- Anton Chigurh, No Country for Old Men
Dub-- The Joker, The Dark Knight
Big J-- Daniel Plainview, There Will Be Blood
Noskey-- Forrest Gump, Forrest Gump
MrO-- Beatrix Kiddo, Kill Bill

Round 3
MrO-- The Terminator, Terminator 2
Noskey-- Neo, The Matrix
Big J-- Andrew Beckett, Philadelphia
Dub-- Leon, The Professional
JPZ-- Col, Hans Landa, Inglourious Basterds
Chester-- Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Carribean, the Black Pearl
CP-- Alonzo Harris, Training Day
Johnny-- Derek Vinyard, American History X

Round 4
Johnny-- Will Hunting, Good Will Hunting
CP-- Neil McCauley, Heat
Chester-- V, V for Vendetta
JPZ-- McLovin, Superbad
Dub-- Stifler, American Pie
Big J-- Malcolm X, Malcolm X
Noskey-- Mr Blonde, Reservoir Dogz
MrO-- Jules Winnfield, Pulp Fiction

Round 5
MrO-- Patrick Bateman, American Psycho
Noskey-- Trinity, The Matrix
Big J-- Bullet Tooth Tony, Snatch
Dub-- George Jung, Blow
JPZ---Nina Sayers, Black Swan
Chester-- Lisbeth Salander, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
CP-- Teddy KGB, Rounders
Johnny-- Jeffrey Lebowski, The Big Lebowski

Round 6
Johnny-- Winston Wolfe, Pulp Fiction
CP-- Erin Brockovich, Erin Brockovich
Chester-- William Wallace, Braveheart
JPZ-- Andy Dufrense, Shawshank Redemption
Dub-- Leeloo, the Fifth Element
Big J-- Lara Croft, Tomb Raider
Noskey-- Begbie, Trainspotting
MrO-- Oh Dae-Su, Oldboy

Round 7
MrO-- Borat, Borat
Noskey-- Lester Burnham, American Beauty
Big J-- Iron Man, Iron Man
Dub-- Paul Sunday, There Will Be Blood
JPZ-- Phil Connors, Groundhog Day
Chester-- Maggie Fitzgerald, Million Dollar Baby
CP-- Jason Bourne, The Bourne Identity
Johnny-- David Wooderson, Dazed and Confused

Round 8
Johnny-- King Leonidas, 300
CP-- Austin Powers, Austin Powers
Chester-- William Cutting, Gangs of New York
JPZ-- Jack Dawson, Titanic
Dub-- John McClane, Die Hard With a Vengeance
Big J-- Andy Stitzer, 40 Year Old Virgin
Noskey-- Alan, The Hangover
MrO-- Agent Smith, The Matrix

Round 9
MrO-- Edward Scissorhands, Edward Scissorhands
Noskey-- Clarice Starling, The Silence of the Lambs
Big J-- Edith Piaf, La Vie en Rose
Dub-- Silent Bob, A Kevin Smith movie
JPZ-- Fox, Wanted
Chester-- Peter Jackson, Lord of the Rings, Return of the King
CP-- Samuel Gerard, The Fugitive
Johnny-- Christine Collins, Changeling

Round 10
Johnny-- Cherry Darling, Planet Terror
CP-- Robert Zemekis, Forrest Gump
Chester-- Shaun, Shaun of the Dead
JPZ-- Darth Maul, Star Wars I, the Phantom Menace
Dub-- Annie Wilkes, Misery
Big J-- Bob Harris, Lost in Translation
Noskey-- Walter Sobchak, The Big Lebowski
MrO-- Shosanna Dreyfus, Inglourious Basterds

Director --- Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction
Leading Man --- Patrick Bateman, American Psycho - Christian Bale
Comedic Role ---Borat, Borat - Sacha Baron Cohen
Kick @#$ Chick --- Shosanna Dreyfus, Inglourious Basterds - Melanie Laurent
Leading Lady --- Beatrix Kiddo, Kill Bill - Uma Thurmon
Action Hero-Super Hero --- Terminator, Terminator 2 - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Dramatic Male --- Oh Deu-Su, Oldboy - Min-Sik Choi
Glue Guy, Character Guy --- Jules Winnfield, Pulp Fiction - Samuel L Jackson
Villian Role --- Agent Smith, The Matrix - Hugo Weaving
Utility Role --- Edward Scissorhands, Edward Scissorhands - Johnny Depp

Director --- Martin Scorsese, Goodfellas.
Leading Man --- Forrest Gump, Forrest Gump - Tom Hanks
Comedic Role --- Alan, The Hangover - Zach Galifianakis
Kick @#$ Chick --- Trinity, The Matrix - Carrie Anne Moss
Leading Lady --- Clarice Starling, The Silence of the Lambs - Jodie Foster
Action Hero-Super Hero --- Neo, The Matrix - Keanu Reeves
Dramatic Male --- Lester Burnham, American Beauty - Kevin Spacey
Glue Guy, Character Guy --- Begbie, Trainspotting - Robert Carlyle
Villian Role --- Mr Blonde, Reservoir Dogz - Michael Madsen
Utility Role --- Walter Sobchak, The Big Lebowski - John Goodman

Big J
Director --- Steven Spielberg, Schindler's List
Leading Man --- Malcolm X, Malcolm X - Denzel Washington
Comedic Role --- Andy Stitzer, The 40 Year Old Virgin - Steve Carell
Kick @#$ Chick --- Lara Croft, Tomb Raider - Angelina Jolie
Leading Lady --- Editth Piaf, La Vie en Rose - Marion Cotillard
Action Hero-Super Hero --- Iron Man, Iron Man - Robert Downey Jr
Dramatic Male --- Andrew Beckett, Philadelphia - Tom Hanks
Glue Guy, Character Guy --- Bullet Tooth Tony, Snatch - Vinnie Jones
Villian Role --- Dainel Plainview, There Will Be Blood - Daniel Day Lewis
Utility Role --- Bob Harris, Lost in Translation - Bill Murray

Director --- Stanley Kubrick, Eyes Wide Shut
Leading Man --- George Jung, Blow, Johnny Depp
Comedic Role --- Stifler, American Pie - Seann William Scott
Kick @#$ Chick --- Leeloo, The Fifth Element - Milla Jolovich
Leading Lady --- Annie Wilkes, Misery - Kathy Bates
Action Hero-Super Hero --- John McClane, Die Hard With a Vengeance - Bruce Willis
Dramatic Male --- Leon, The Professional - Jean Reno
Glue Guy, Character Guy --- Paul Sunday, There Will Be Blood - Paul Dano
Villian Role --- The Joker, The Dark Knight - Heath Ledger
Utility Role --- Silent Bob, Chasing Amy - Kevin Smith

Director --- Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight
Leading Man ---Andy Dufrense, The Shawkshank Redemption - Tim Robbins
Comedic Role --- Phil Connors, Groundhog Day - Bill Murray
Kick @#$ Chick --- Fox, Wanted, Angelina Jolie
Leading Lady --- Nina Sayers, Black Swan, Natalie Portman
Action Hero-Super Hero --- Darth Maul, Star Wars I, The Phantom Menace - Ray Park
Dramatic Male --- Jack Dawson, Titanic - Leonardo DiCaprio
Glue Guy, Character Guy --- Col Hans Landa, Inglourious Basterds - Christoph Waltz
Villian Role --- Anton Chigurh, No Country for Old Men - Javier Bardem
Utility Role --- McLovin, Superbad - Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Director --- Peter Jackson, The Lord of the Rings, Return of the King
Leading Man ---  Maximus Decimus Meridius, Gladiator - Russell Crowe
Comedic Role --- Shaun, Shaun of the Dead - Simon Pegg
Kick @#$ Chick --- Lisbeth Salander, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Noomi Rapace
Leading Lady --- Maggie Fitzgerald, Million Dollar Baby - Hilary Swank
Action Hero-Super Hero --- V, V for Vendetta - Hugo Weaving
Dramatic Male --- William Wallace, Braveheart, Mel Gibson
Glue Guy, Character Guy --- Captain Jack Sparrow,  Pirates of the Carribean - Johnny Depp
Villian Role --- Hannibal Lecter, The Silence of the Lambs - Anthony Hopkins
Utility Role --- William Cutting, Gangs of New York - Daniel Day Lewis

Director --- Robert Zemekis, Forrest Gump
Leading Man --- Neil McCauley, Heat - Robert DeNiro
Comedic Role --- Austin Powers, Austin Powers - Mike Myers
Kick @#$ Chick --- Sarah Conner, Terminator 2 - Linda Hamilton
Leading Lady --- Erin Brockovich, Erin Brockovich, Julia Roberts
Action Hero-Super Hero --- Jason Bourne, The Bourne Identity - Matt Damon
Dramatic Male --- Kaiser Sose, The Usual Suspects - Kevin Spacey
Glue Guy, Character Guy --- Teddy KGB, Rounders, John Malkovich
Villian Role --- Alonzo Harris, Training Day - Denzel Washington
Utility Role --- Samuel Gerard, The Fugitive - Tommy Lee Jones

Director --- David Fincher, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Leading Man --- Derek Vinyard, American History X - Ed Norton
Comedic Role ---Jeffrey Lebowski, The Big Lebowski, Jeff Bridges
Kick @#$ Chick --- Cherry Darling, Planet Terror - Rose McGowan
Leading Lady --- Christine Collins, Changeling - Angelina Jolie
Action Hero-Super Hero --- King Leonidas, 300 - Gerard Butler
Dramatic Male --- Will Hunting, Good Will Hunting - Matt Damon
Glue Guy, Character Guy --- David Wooderson, Dazed and Confused - Mathew McConaughey
Villian Role --- Tyler Durden, Fight Club - Brad Pitt
Utility Role --- Winston Wolfe, Pulp Fiction, Harvey Keitel

Weekly Movie watch and review
Spoiler [+]
We should all do our ratings on a scale of 10.  That way after each movie, we'll get a cumulative score for each movie based off the same numbers.  You can go 8.4/10, or a simple 6/10 or 6.6/10, whatever. 

ALL ratings must be on a  /10 scale. 

JPZ, Week 1  Mean Streets, watch and review by Monday 6/27
CP  7/10
Johnny 7/10
MrO 7.5/10
Noskey 6/10
Dub 7.3/10
Big J 8.5/10
Illmatic  8/10
Proshares 7.5/10
U of Nike 6.5/10
JRP  7/10
Kev  Did not want
Total  7.23/10

Kev, Week 2 Strangers on a Train, watch and review by 7/4
Noskey 8/10
CP 8/10
MrO  8/10
Big J  8/10
Total 8/10

Dub, Week 3 Pollock, watch and review by 7/11
CP 6.5/10
Noskey 7/10

Prime, Week 4 Runaway Train, watch and review by 7/18
CP 6/10

JRP, Week 5-Bye Week

CP1708, Week 6 Chocolate, watch and review by 8/1
CP 7.5/10
U of Nike 8/10
Noskey 8.5/10
Johnny  Liked it
Deadset 8/10
Dirk  7/10
MrO 7/10
Total  7.6/10

Noskey, Week 7 Oldboy, watch and review by 8/7
Deadset  7/10
Noskey 9/10
CP  7/10
U of N 7.5/10

U of Nike, Week 8 Gladiator, watch and review by 8/15
CP 9.5/10
DeadSet 9.5/10
Noskey 9/10

Deadset, Week 9 Batman Begins, watch and review by 8/22
CP 8.5/10
Noskey 7.5/10
DeadSet  8.5/10

Big J, Week 10

Spoiler [+]
Draft Order, draft starts on page 168

Round 1
LTB---The Godfather, Crime
U of Nike---Star Wars, Sci-Fi
CP1708---The Godfather II, Crime
Johnny---Taxi Driver, Drama
Kool---Apocalypse Now, Drama
Dub---One Flew Over the ****oo's Nest, Drama
RyGuy---Jaws, Horror
Shaun---A Clockwork Orange, Horror
Prime---American Graffiti, Utility
Noskey---The Deer Hunter, Drama

Round 2
Noskey---The Exorcist, Horror
Prime---Rocky, Sports
Shaun---Dogday Afternoon, Drama
RyGuy---The Sting, Crime
Dub---Chinatown, Crime
Kool---French Connection, Action
Johnny---Alien, Sci-Fi
CP1708---Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Sci-Fi
U of Nike---Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Comedy
LTB---Mean Streets, Drama

Round 3
LTB---Halloween, Horror
U of Nike---Blazing Saddles, Western
CP1708---National Lampoons Animal House, Comedy
Johnny---Serpico, Crime
Kool---Carrie, Horror
Dub---Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Comedy
RyGuy---Dirty Harry, Action
Shaun---Saturday Night Fever, Utility
Prime---Enter the Dragon, Action
Noskey---Dawn of the Dead, Horror

Round 4
Noskey---Monty Python's Life of Brian, Comedy
Prime---Deliverance, Horror
Shaun---Blue Collar, Crime
RyGuy---Bad News Bears, Sports
Dub---Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Horror
Kool---Breaking Away, Sports
Johnny---High Plains Drifter, Western
CP1708---All the President's Men, Drama
U of Nike---Rocky II, Sports
LTB---Annie Hall, Comedy

Round 5
LTB---Sleeper, Sci-Fi
U of Nike---Badlands, Crime
CP1708---Kramer vs Kramer, Utility
Johnny---Young Frankenstein, Comedy
Kool---McCabe and Mrs. Miller, Western
Dub---Solaris, Sci-Fi
RyGuy---Midnight Express, Drama
Shaun---Paper Moon, Comedy
Prime---Up in Smoke, Comedy
Noskey---Slap Shot, Sports

Round 6
Noskey---The Warriors, Crime
Prime---Westworld, Western
Shaun---Stalker, Sci-Fi
RyGuy---Mad Max, Sci-Fi
Dub---Marathon Man, Utility
Kool---The Jerk, Comedy
Johnny---Network, Drama
CP1708---The Outlaw Josey Wales, Western
U of Nike---Superman, Action
LTB---The Longest Yard, Sports

Round 7
LTB---Grease, Utility
U of Nike---Patton, Drama
CP1708---Last Tango in Paris, Utility
Johnny---Escape From Alcatraz, Action
Kool---The Conversation, Crime
Dub---The Great White Hope, Sports
RyGuy---Black Christmas, Utility
Shaun---The Man who Would be King, Action
Prime---THX 1138, Sci-Fi
Noskey---Eraserhead, Sci-Fi

Round 8
Noskey---Duck, You Sucker, Western
Prime---Uptown Saturday Night, Crime
Shaun---Too Late the Hero, Utility
RyGuy---Junior Bonner, Western
Dub---Barry Lyndon, Action
Kool---Mash, Utility
Johnny---Days of Heaven, Utility
CP1708---Shaft, Action
U of Nike---The Amityville Horror, Horror
LTB---Assualt on Precinct 13, Action

Round 9
LTB---Five Easy Pieces, Utility
U of Nike---The Spy Who Loved Me, Utility
CP1708---The Omen, Horror
Johnny---Hard Times, Sports
Kool---Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Sci-Fi
Dub---The Shootist, Western
RyGuy---The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, Utility
Shaun---Little Big Man, Western
Prime---Smokey and the Bandit, Utility
Noskey---Rocky Horror Picture Show, Utility

Round 10
Noskey---The Mack, Utility
Prime---The Onion Field, Drama
Shaun---Death Race 2000, Sports
RyGuy---Meatballs, Comedy
Dub---The Tenant, Utility
Kool---The Last Picture Show, Utility
Johnny---Aguirre, The Wrath of God, Utility
CP1708---North Dallas Forty, Sports
U of Nike---A Bridge Too Far, Utility
LTB---Jeremiah Johnson, Western

Sports---The Longest Yard
Drama---Mean Streets
Comedy---Annie Hall
Crime---The Godfather
Action---Assault on Precinct 13
Western---Jeremiah Johnson
Utility---Five Easy Pieces

U of Nike
Sports---Rocky II
Comedy---Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Horror/Thriller---The Amityville Horror
Sci-Fi---Star Wars
Western---Blazing Saddles
Utility---The Spy Who Loved Me
Utility---A Bridge Too Far

Sports---North Dallas Forty
Drama---All the President's Men
Comedy---National Lampoons Animal House
Horror/Thriller---The Omen
Crime---The Godfather II
Sci-Fi---Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Western---The Outlaw Josey Wales
Utility---Kramer vs Kramer
Utility---Last Tango in Paris

Sports---Hard Times
Comedy---Young Frankenstein
Horror/Thriller---Taxi Driver
Action---Escape From Alcatraz
Western---High Plains Drifter
Utility---Days of Heaven
Utility---Aguirre, The Wrath of God

Sports---Breaking Away
Drama---Apocalypse Now
Comedy---The Jerk
Crime---The Conversation
Sci-Fi---Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Action---French Connection
Western---McCabe and Mrs. Miller
Utility---The Last Picture Show

Sports---The Great White Hope
Drama---One Flew Over the ****oo's Nest
Comedy---Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Horror/Thriller---Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Action---Barry Lyndon
Western---The Shootist
Utility---Marathon Man
Utility---The Tenant

Sports---Bad News Bears
Drama---Midnight Express
Crime---The Sting
Sci-Fi---Mad Max
Action---Dirty Harry
Western---Junior Bonner
Utility---Black Christmas
Utility---The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

Sports---Death Race 2000
Drama---Dogday Afternoon
Comedy---Paper Moon
Horror/Thriller---A Clockwork Orange
Crime---Blue Collar
Action---The Man Who Would be King
Western---Little Big Man
Utility---Saturday Night Fever
Utility---Too Late the Hero

Drama---The Onion Field
Comedy---Up in Smoke
Crime---Uptown Saturday Night
Sci-Fi---THX 1138
Action---Enter the Dragon
Utility---American Graffiti
Utility---Smokey and the Bandit

Sports---Slap Shot
Drama---The Deer Hunter
Comedy---Monty Python's Life of Brian
Horror/Thriller---The Exorcist
Crime---The Warriors
Action---Dawn of the Dead
Western---Duck, You Sucker
Utility---Rocky Horror Picture Show
Utility---The Mack

Top 3 vote getters

Spoiler [+]
Draft Order, draft starts on page 140

Round 1
1.  Noskey---Raging Bull, Sports
2.  LTB---The Terminator, Sci-Fi
3.  Dirk---The Empire Strikes Back, Sci-Fi
4.  CP1708---Raiders of the Lost Ark, Action
5.  Shabooyah---The Shining, Thriller
6.  Johnny---Blade Runner, Thriller
7.  Prime---Full Metal Jacket, Drama
8.  U of Nike---Platoon, Drama
9.  Shaun---My Left Foot, Drama
10. Kool---Blue Velvet, Drama

Round 2
1.  Kool---Die Hard, Action
2.  Shaun---Scarface, Crime
3.  U of Nike---Return of the Jedi, Sci-Fi
4.  Prime---Back to the Future, Utility
5.  Johnny---ET, Sci-Fi
6.  Shabooyah---Coming to America, Comedy
7.  CP1708---A Nightmare on Elm Street, Horror
8.  Dirk---Once Upon a Time in America, Crime
9.  LTB---A Christmas Story, Comedy
10. Noskey---Aliens, Sci-Fi

Round 3
1.  Noskey---Rain Man, Drama
2.  LTB---Do the Right Thing, Crime
3.  Dirk---Das Boot, Action
4.  CP1708---Beverly Hills Cop, Comedy
5.  Shabooyah---Dead Poets Society, Drama
6.  Johnny---Ghandi, Drama
7.  Prime---Bull Durham, Sports
8.  U of Nike---The Princess Bride, Comedy
9.  Shaun---Airplane, Comedy
10. Kool---Pale Rider, Western

Round 4
1.  Kool---Hoosiers, Sports
2.  Shaun---Glory, Action
3.  U of Nike---Ghostbusters, Utility
4.  Prime---Lethal Weapon, Utility
5.  Johnny---Robo Cop, Action
6.  Shabooyah---Major League, Sports
7.  CP1708---Field of Dreams, Sports
8.  Dirk---Crimes and Misdemeanors, Comedy
9.  LTB---Amadeus, Drama
10. Noskey---The Thing, Thriller

Round 5
1.  Noskey---This is Spinal Tap, Comedy
2.  LTB---The Karate Kid, Sports
3.  Dirk---The Elephant Man, Drama
4.  CP1708---Wall Street, Crime
5.  Shabooyah---The Breakfast Club, Utility
6.  Johnny---The Untouchables, Crime
7.  Prime---The Fly, Horror
8.  U of Nike---Bllodsport, Sports
9.  Shaun---Ferris Buehlers Day Off, Utility
10. Kool---Caddyshack, Comedy

Round 6
1.  Kool---48 Hours, Crime
2.  Shaun---Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Utility
3.  U of Nike---Mad Max 2, The Road Warrior, Western
4.  Prime---Transformers, Sci-Fi
5.  Johnny---The Natural, Sports
6.  Shabooyah---Blues Brother, Action
7.  CP1708---Predator, Sci-Fi
8.  Dirk---Chariots of Fire, Sports
9.  LTB---Lethal Weapon 2, Action
10. Noskey---Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Action

Round 7
1.  Noskey---Shogun Assassin, Western
2.  LTB---An American Werewolf in London, Horror
3.  Dirk---Raising Arizona, Utility
4.  CP1708---Stand By Me, Drama
5.  Shabooyah---Akira, Sci-Fi
6.  Johnny---Hannah and Sisters, Comedy
7.  Prime---The Neverending Story, Utility
8.  U of Nike---Top Gun, Action
9.  Shaun---Brazil, Sci-Fi
10. Kool---The Abyss, Sci-Fi

Round 8
1.  Kool---The King of Comedy, Utility
2.  Shaun---Three Amigos, Western
3.  U of Nike---Batman, Crime
4.  Prime---Midnight Run, Comedy
5.  Johnny---The Last Temptation of Christ, Utility
6.  Shabooyah---A better Tommorrow, Crime
7.  CP1708---Rambo, First Blood, Utility
8.  Dirk---The Killing Fields, Utility
9.  LTB---The Color Purple, Utility
10. Noskey---Drugstore Cowboy, Crime

Round 9
1.  Noskey---The Naked Gun, Utility
2.  LTB---Young Guns, Western
3.  Dirk---The Grey Fox, Western
4.  CP1708---Silverado, Western
5.  Shabooyah---When Harry Met Sally, Utility
6.  Johnny---The Long Riders, Western
7.  Prime---Mississippi Burning, Crime
8.  U of Nike---Poltergeist
9.  Shaun---Stepfather, Horror
10. Kool---Friday the 13th, Horror

Round 10
1.  Kool---Tootsie, Utility
2.  Shaun---Karate Kid 2, Sports
3.  U of Nike---My Neighbor Totoro, Utility
4.  Prime---Colors, Western (modern)
5.  Johnny---Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Utility
6.  Shabooyah---Man From Snowy River, Western
7.  CP1708---Escape From New York, Utility
8.  Dirk---The Evil Dead 2, Horror
9.  LTB---Gremlins, Utility
10. Noskey---Commando, Utility

Sports---Raging Bull
Drama---Rain Man
Comedy---This is Spinal Tap
Horror/Thriller---The Thing
Crime---Drugstore Cowboy
Action---Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Western---Shogun Assassins
Utility---The Naked Gun

Sports---The Karate Kid
Comedy---A Christmas Story
Horror/Thriller---An American Werewolf in London
Crime---Do the Right Thing
Sci-Fi---The Terminator
Action---Lethal Weapon 2
Western---Young Guns
Utility---The Color Purple

Sports---Chariots of Fire
Drama---The Elephant Man
Comedy---Crimes and Misdemeanors
Horror/Thriller---The Evil Dead 2
Crime---Once Upon a Time in America
Sci-Fi---The Empire Strikes Back
Action---Das Boot
Western---The Grey Fox
Utility---The Killing Fields
Utility---Raising Arizona

Sports---Field of Dreams
Drama---Stand By Me
Comedy---Beverly Hills Cop
Horror/Thriller---A Nightmare on Elm Street
Crime---Wall Street
Action---Raiders of the Lost Ark
Utility---Rambo, First Blood
Utility---Escape From New York

Sports---Major League
Drama---Dead Poets Society
Comedy---Coming to America
Horror/Thriller---The Shining
Crime---A Better Tommorrow
Action---Blues Brother
Western---The Man From Snowy River
Utility---The Breakfast Club
Utility---When Harry Met Sally

Sports---The Natural
Comedy---Hannah and her Sisters
Horror/Thriller---Blade Runner
Crime---The Untouchables
Action---Robo Cop
Western---The Long Riders
Utility---Sex, Lies, and Videotape
Utility---The Last Temptation of Christ

Sports---Bull Durham
Drama---Full Metal Jacket
Comedy---Midnight Run
Horror/Thriller---The Fly
Crime---Mississippi Burning
Action---Lethal Weapon
Utility---Neverending Story
Utility---Back to the Future

U of Nike
Comedy---The Princess Bride
Sci-Fi---Return of the Jedi
Action---Top Gun
Western---Mad Max 2, The Road Warrior
Utility---My Neighbor Totoro

Sports---Karate Kid 2
Drama---My Left Foot
Western---Three Amigos
Utility---Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Utility---Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Drama---Blue Velvet
Horror/Thriller---Friday the 13th
Crime---48 Hours
Sci-Fi---The Abyss
Action---Die Hard
Western---Pale Rider
Utility---The King of Comedy

Top 4 vote getters
1.  Noskey
2.  U of Nike
3.  CP
4.  Prime

Spoiler [+]
Draft Order, draft starts on page 96

Round 1
1.  JRP---Gladiator, Action
2.  JPZ---No Country For Old Men, Drama
3.  Dirk---City of God, Drama
4.  Illmatic---3:10 to Yuma, Western
5.  Kool---The Departed, Crime
6.  Shaun---Gangs of New York, Drama
7.  Prime---Kill Bill Vol 1, Western
8.  Kev---Adaptation, Comedy
9.  CP---Inglourious Basterds, Drama
10. Noskey---Pans Labirynth, Sci-Fi
11. MrO---There Will Be Blood, Western
12. LTB---Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Sci-Fi
13. Venom---Blow, Crime
14. Johnny---Troy, Action

Round 2
1.  Johnny---The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Western
2.  Venom---The Dark Knight, Action
3.  LTB---Memento, Thriller
4.  MrO---Children of Men, Sci-Fi
5.  Noskey---Million Dollar Baby, Sports
6.  CP---Inception, Sci-Fi
7.  Kev---Requiem For A Dream, Drama
8.  Prime---The Social Network, Drama
9.  Shaun---Into the Wild, Drama
10. Kool---True Grit, Western
11. Illmatic---Internal Affairs, Crime
12. Dirk---LOTR, Return of the King, Action
13. JPZ---Black Swan, Thriller
14. JRP---V for Vendetta, Thriller

Round 3
1.  JRP---Training Day, Crime
2.  JPZ---Amelie, Comedy
3.  Dirk---Serenity, Western
4.  Illmatic---The Prestige, Drama
5.  Kool---Old Boy, Thriller
6.  Shaun---The Wrestler,  Sports
7.  Prime---Superbad, Comedy
8.  Kev---Downfall, Crime
9.  CP---Sin City, Action
10. Noskey---The Pianist, Drama
11. MrO---The Bourne Ultimatum, Action
12. LTB---Slumdog Millionaire, Drama
13. Venom---The Hangover,Comedy
14. Johnny---Sweeney Todd, Drama

Round 4
1.  Johnny---Zodiac, Crime
2.  Venom---A Beautiful Mind, Drama
3.  LTB---Catch Me If You Can, Utility
4.  MrO---Michael Clayton, Drama
5.  Noskey---Mystic River, Crime
6.  CP---The Town, Crime
7.  Kev---28 Days Later, Horror
8.  Prime---American Psycho, Horror
9.  Shaun---Cast Away, Utility?
10. Kool---Pineapple Epress, Comedy
11. Illmatic---Battle Royale, Action
12. Dirk---The Lives of Others, Thriller
13. JPZ---American Gangster, Crime
14. JRP---District 9, Sci-Fi

Round 5
1.  JRP---The Fighter, Sports
2.  JPZ---Finding Nemo, Utility
3.  Dirk---Wall-E, Sci-Fi
4.  Illmatic---Lost in Translation, Utility
5.  Kool---Donnie Darko, Sci-Fi
6.  Shaun---Up, Utility
7.  Prime---Iron Man, Sci-Fi
8.  Kev---Almost Famous, Utility
9.  CP---Crash, Utility
10. Noskey---In Bruges, Comedy
11. MrO---Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang, Utility
12. LTB---Casino Royale, Action
13. Venom---Traffic, Utility
14. Johnny---Moon, Sci-Fi

Round 6
1.  Johnny---Zombieland, Comedy
2.  Venom---Saw, Horror
3.  LTB---Ocean's 11, Crime
4.  MrO---Black Dynamite, Comedy
5.  Noskey---Let the Right One In, Horror
6.  CP---The Blind Side, Sports
7.  Kev---The King's Speech, Utility
8.  Prime---Tropic Thunder, Action
9.  Shaun---Machete, Action
10. Kool---Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Action
11. Illmatic---Amores Perros, Thriller
12. Dirk---The Royal Tennenbaums, Comedy
13. JPZ---Remember the Titans, Sports
14. JRP---Gone Baby Gone, Utility

Round 7
1.  JRP---Wedding Crashers, Comedy
2.  JPZ---Star Trek, Sci-Fi
3.  Dirk---Brokeback Mountain, lost a bet
4.  Illmatic---Hooked: Legend of Demetrius Hook Mitchell, Sports
5.  Kool---The Aviator, Drama
6.  Shaun---Burried, Thriller
7.  Prime---Friday Night Lights, Sports
8.  Kev---Kill Bill Vol II, Crime
9.  CP---Batman Begins, Utility
10. Noskey---Kung Fu Hustle, Western
11. MrO---Shaun of the Dead, Thriller
12. LTB---Love and Basketball, Sports
13. Venom---Cinderella Man, Sports
14. Johnny---Cache, Horror

Round 8
1.  Johnny---Coach Carter, Sports
2.  Venom---40 Year Old Virgin, Utility
3.  LTB---500 Days of Summer, Comedy
4.  MrO---25th Hour, Crime
5.  Noskey---Un Prophete, Utility
6.  CP---Signs, Thriller
7.  Kev---Shudder Island, Thriller
8.  Prime---United 93, Crime
9.  Shaun---Knocked Up, Comedy
10. Kool---Taladega Nights, Sports
11. Illmatic---Sideways, Comedy
12. Dirk---The Damned United, Sports
13. JPZ---Munich, Drama
14. JRP---Appalloosa, Western

Round 9
1.  JRP---Shrek, Utility
2.  JPZ---127 Hours, Utility
3.  Dirk---Snatch, Crime
4.  Illmatic---Primer, Sci-Fi
5.  Kool---Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Utility
6.  Shaun---Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Western
7.  Prime---O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Utility
8.  Kev---Sugar, Sports
9.  CP---Borat, Comedy
10. Noskey---HotFuzz, Action
11. MrO---BlackHawk Down, Utility
12. LTB---Up in the Air, Utility
13. Venom---The Book of Eli, Sci-Fi
14. Johnny---The Fall, Utility

Round 10
1.  Johnny---Howl, Utility
2.  Venom---The Mask of Zorro, Western
3.  LTB---Shanghai Noon, Western
4.  MrO---Winning Time, Sports
5.  Noskey---Toy Story 3, Utility
6.  CP---Amerian Outlaws, Western
7.  Kev---The Three Burials Melquiades Estrada, Western
8.  Prime---Unbreakable, Utility
9.  Shaun---I Am Legend, Sci-Fi
10. Kool---Anchorman, Utility
11. Illmatic---Y Tu Mama Tambien, Utility
12. Dirk---Hotel Rwanda, Utility
13. JPZ---The Hurt Locker, Action
14. JRP---A History of Violence

Sports---The Fighter
Drama---A History of Violence
Comedy---Wedding Crashers
Horror/Thriller---V for Vendetta
Crime---Training Day
Sci-Fi---District 9
Utility---Gone Baby Gone

Sports---Remember the Titans
Horror/Thriller---Black Swan
Crime---American Gangster
Sci-Fi---Star Trek
Action---The Hurt Locker
Western---No Country For Old Men
Utility---Finding Nemo
Utility---127 Hours

Sports---The Damn United
Drama---City of God
Comedy---The Royal Tennenbaums
Horror/Thriller---The Lives of Others
Action---LOTR, Return of the King
Utility---Brokeback Mountain
Utility---Hotel Rwanda

Sports---Hook: Legend of Demetrious Hook Mitchell
Drama---The Prestige
Horror/Thriller---Amores Perros
Crime---Internal Affairs
Action---Battle Royale
Western---3:10 to Yuma
Utility---Lost in Translation
Utility---Y Tu Mama Tambien

Sports---Taladega Nights
Drama---The Aviator
Comedy---Pineapple Express
Horror/Thriller---Old Boy
Crime---The Departed
Sci-Fi---Donnie Darko
Action---Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Western---True Grit
Utility---Curious Case of Benajamin Button

Sports---The Wrestler
Drama---Into the Wild
Comedy---Knocked Up
Crime---Gangs of New York
Sci-Fi---I Am Legend
Western---Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Utility---Cast Away

Sports---Friday Night Lights
Drama---The Social Network
Horror/Thriller---American Psycho
Crime---United 93
Sci-Fi---Iron Man
Action---Tropic Thunder
Western---Kill Bill Vol 1
Utility---O Brother Where Art Thou? 

Drama---Requiem For A Dream
Horror/Thriller---Shudder Island
Crime---Kill Bill vol II
Sci-Fi---28 Days Later
Western---The Three Burials Melquiades Estrada
Utility---Almost Famous
Utility---The King's Speech

Sports---The Blind Side
Drama---Inglourious Basterds
Crime---The Town
Action---Sin City
Western---American Outlaws
Utility---Batman Begins

Sports---Million Dollar Baby
Drama---The Pianist
Comedy---In Bruges
Horror/Thriller---Let the Right One In
Crime---Mystic River
Sci-Fi---Pans Labirynth
Action---Hot Fuzz
Western---Kung Fu Hustle
Utility---Un Prophete
Utility---Toy Story 3

Sports---Winning Time
Drama---Michael Clayton
Comedy---Black Dynamite
Horror/Thriller---Shaun of the Dead
Crime---25th Hour
Sci-Fi---Children of Men
Action---The Bourne Ultimatum
Western---There Will Be Blood
Utility---Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang
Utility---BlackHawk Down, Utility

Sports---Love & Basketball
Drama---Slumdog Millionaire
Comedy---500 Days of Summer
Crime---Ocean's 11
Sci-Fi---Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Action---Casino Royale
Western---Shanghai Noon
Utility---Catch Me If You Can
Utility---Up in the Air

Sports---Cinderella Man
Drama---A Beautiful Mind
Comedy---The Hangover
Sci-Fi---The Book of Eli
Action---The Dark Knight
Western---The Mask of Zorro
Utility---40 Year Old Virgin

Sports---Coach Carter
Drama---Sweeney Todd
Western---The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Utility---The Fall

Top 3 vote getters

Spoiler [+]
Draft Order, draft starts on page 47

Round 1
1. Illmaticsoul---Pulp Fiction, Crime
2. Noskey---Goodfellas, Crime
3. JohnnyRed---Silence of the Lambs, Thriller/Horror
4. MrONegative---Fight Club, Drama
5. Dirk---Seven, Thriller/Horror
6. Dub---Forrest Gump, Drama
7. CP---Shawshank Redemption, Drama
8. Venom ---Schindler's List, Drama
9. Big J---Saving Private Ryan, Action
10. Prime---Heat, Crime
11. JPZ---Reservoir Dogs, Drama
12. Kool---The Matrix, Sci-Fi

Round 2
1.  Kool---Unforgiven, Western
2.  JPZ---American History X, Drama
3.  Prime---Clerks, Comedy
4.  Big J---Hoop Dreams, Sports
5.  Venom---Casino, Crime
6.  CP---The Usual Suspects, Crime
7.  Dub---Terminator 2, Sci-Fi
8.  Dirk---The Professional, Drama
9.  MrONegative---12 Monkeys, Sci-Fi
10.  JohnnyRed---American Beauty, Drama
11.  Noskey---Braveheart, Drama
12.  Illmaticsoul---Tombstone, Western

Round 3
1. Illmaticsoul---The Sixth Sense, Thriller
2. Noskey---The Big Lebowski, Comedy
3. JohnnyRed---Dances With Wolves, Western
4. MrONegative, Boyz N Tha Hood, Drama
5. Dirk---LA Confidential, Drama
6. Dub---Cape Fear, Thriller
7. CP---Good Will Hunting, Utility
8. Venom---My Cousin Vinny, Comedy
9. Big J---Fargo, Drama
10. Prime---The Iron Giant, Sci-Fi
11. JPZ---Jerry McGuire, Sports
12. Kool---Dazed and Confused, Comedy

Round 4
1.  Kool---Barton Fink, Drama
2.  JPZ---Malcom X, Drama
3.  Prime---The Fugitive, Action
4.  Big J---True Romance, Action
5.  Venom---Titanic, Drama
6.  CP---Independence Day, Sci-Fi
7.  Dub---The Green Mile, Drama
8.  Dirk---Jurassic Park, Sci Fi
9.  MrONegative---Last of the Mohicans, Western
10.  JohnnyRed---Philadelphia, Utility
11.  Noskey---Trainspotting, Drama
12.  Illmaticsoul---Office Space, Comedy

Round 5
1. Illmaticsoul---White Men Can't Jump, Sports
2. Noskey---Pi, Sci-Fi
3. JohnnyRed---Miller's Crossing, Utility
4. MrONegative---The Lion King, Utility
5. Dirk---Dead Man, Western
6. Dub---The 5th Element, Sci-Fi
7. CP---The Rock, Action
8. Venom---Armageddon, Sci-Fi
9. Big J---Back to the Future III, Western
10. Prime---A Few Good Men, Drama
11. JPZ---Edward Scissorhands, Sci-Fi
12. Kool---The English Patient, Drama

Round 6
1.  Kool---Jackie Brown, Crime
2.  JPZ---Scream, Thriller
3.  Prime---ThunderHeart, Western
4.  Big J---Dark City, Sci-Fi
5.  Venom---Rudy, Sports
6.  CP---Rounders, Sports
7.  Dub---Being John Malcovich, Comedy
8.  Dirk---When We Were Kings, Sports
9.  MrONegative---He Got Game, Sports
10.  JohnnyRed---Toy Story, Comedy
11.  Noskey---Misery, Thriller
12.  Illmaticsoul---Gattaca, Sci-Fi

Round 7
1. Illmaticsoul---Nikita, Action
2. Noskey---The Sandlot, Sports
3. JohnnyRed---The Boondock Saints, Action
4. MrONegative---Glengarry Glen Ross,
5. Dirk---Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrells, Utility
6. Dub---The Basketball Diaries
7. CP---Legends of the Fall, Western
8. Venom---Donnie Brasco, Utility
9. Big J---Life is Beautiful, Drama
10. Prime---Dead Alive, Thriller
11. JPZ---Boogie Nights, Comedy
12. Kool---Speed, Action

Round 8
1.  Kool---There's Something About Mary, Comedy
2.  JPZ---Apollo 13, Utility
3.  Prime---Hard Boiled, Utility
4.  Big J---Groundhog Day, Comedy
5.  Venom---Face Off, Action
6.  CP---From Dusk Til Dawn, Thriller
7.  Dub---Carlitos Way, Crime
8.  Dirk---Swingers, Comedy
9.  MrONegative---The Mummy, Action
10.  JohnnyRed---Happy Gilmore, Sports
11.  Noskey---City Slickers, Western
12.  Illmaticsoul---La fille sur le pont, Drama

Round 9
1. Illmaticsoul---Abre los ojos, Utility
2. Noskey---The Truman Show, Utility
3. JohnnyRed---Sleepy Hollow, Sci-Fi
4. MrONegative---Magnolia, Utility
5. Dirk---Natrual Born Killers, Utility
6. Dub---The Quick and the Dead, Western
7. CP---A Time To Kill, Utility
8. Venom---Maverick, Western
9. Big J---A Bronx Tale, Utility
10. Prime---Point Break, Sports
11. JPZ---Of Mice and Men, Western
12. Kool ---Sling Blade, Thriller

Round 10
1.  Kool---Rushmore, Utility
2.  JPZ---Goldeneye, Action
3.  Prime---Kids, Utility
4.  Big J---Shakespeare In Love, Utility
5.  Venom---Candyman, Horror
6.  CP---American Pie, Comedy
7.  Dub---Dumb and Dumber, Comedy
8.  Dirk---The Hunt For Red October, Action
9.  MrONegative---South Park, Utility
10.  JohnnyRed---In the Name of the Father
11.  Noskey---La Haine, Utility
12.  Illmaticsoul---Following, Utility

Sports---White Men Can't Jump
Drama---La fille sur le pont
Comedy---Office Space
Horror/Thriller---The Sixth Sense
Crime---Pulp Fiction
Utility---Abre los ojos

Sports---The Sandlot
Comedy---The Big Lebowski
Western---City Slickers
Utility---The Truman Show
Utility---La Haine

Sports---Happy Gilmore
Drama---American Beauty
Comedy---Toy Story
Horror/Thriller---Silence of the Lambs
Crime---Miller's Crossing
Sci-Fi---Sleepy Hollow
Action---The Boondock Saints
Western---Dances With Wolves
Utility---In the Name of the Father

Sports---He Got Game
Drama---Glengarry Glen Ross
Comedy---South Park
Horror/Thriller---Fight Club
Crime---Boyz N tha Hood
Sci-Fi---12 Monkeys
Action---The Mummy
Western---Last of the Mohicans
Utility---The Lion King

Sports---When We Were Kings
Drama---The Professional
Crime---LA Confidential
Sci-Fi---Jurrasic Park
Action---The Hunt For Red October
Western---Dead Man
Utility---Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
Utility---Natural Born Killers

Sports---The Basketball Diaries
Drama---Forrest Gump
Comedy---Dumb and Dumber
Horror/Thriller---Cape Fear
Crime---Carlitos Way
Sci-Fi---Terminator 2
Action---The Fifth Element
Western---The Quick and the Dead
Utility---The Green Mile
Utility---Being John Malcovich

Drama---Shawshank Redemption
Comedy---American Pie
Horror/Thriller---From Dusk Til Dawn
Crime---The Usual Suspects
Sci-Fi---Independence Day
Action---The Rock
Western---Legends of the Fall
Utility---Good Will Hunting
Utility---A Time to Kill

Drama---Schindler's List
Comedy---My Cousin Vinny
Action---Face Off
Utility---Donnie Brasco

Big J
Sports---Hoop Dreams
Drama---Life is Beautiful
Comedy---Groundhog Day
Crime---True Romance
Sci-Fi---Dark City
Action---Saving Private Ryan
Western---Back to the Future III
Utility---A Bronx Tale
Utility---Shakespeare In Love

Sports---Point Break
Drama---A Few Good Men
Horror/Thriller---Dead Alive
Sci-Fi---The Iron Giant
Action---The Fugitive
Utility---Hard Boiled

Drama---American History X
Comedy---Boogie Nights
Crime---Reservoir Dogs
Sci-Fi---Edward Scissorhands
Western---Of Mice and Men
Utility---Apollo 13
Utility---Malcom X

Sports---Dazed and Confused
Drama---English Patient
Comedy---There's Something About Mary
Horror/Thriller---Sling Blade
Crime---Jackie Brown
Sci-Fi---The Matrix
Utility---Barton Fink

Top 3 vote getters


2011 Movie Watch List
Spoiler [+]
Lincoln Lawyer
Source Code
I Am Number Four
The Mechanic
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
The Hangover: Part II
The Green Hornet
X-Men First Class
The Green Lantern
Super 8
Transformers 3
Harry Potter
Adjustment Bureau
Battle LA
Captain America
Rise of the Apes
Tree of Life
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
Ides of March
Paranormal 3
In Time
The Rum Diary
Twilight, midnight showing, first in line
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Mission Impossible 4
War Horse
The Debt
Crazy Stupid Love
Water For Elephants
Sherlock Holmes 2

The Green Hornet
No Strings Attached
The Mechanic
Just Go With It
Hall Pass
The Eagle
I am Number Four
Drive Angry
The Adjustment Bureau
Battle LA
Fast Five
Scream 4
The Hangover II
Kill the Irishman
Super 8
Sucker Punch
Transformers 3
Captain America
Rise of the Apes
Friends with Benefits
Bad Teacher
Horrible Bosses
The Roommate
The Green Lantern
Pirates 4
Larry Crowne
The Change Up
Killer Elite
The Devils Twin
Crazy Stupid Love
30 Minutes or Less
Ides of March
Cowboys vs Aliens
Fright Night
In Time
Dream House
Friends with Kids
Harry Potter 7.2
Breaking Dawn
Mission Impossible 4

Fast Five
Battle: LA
First Class
No Strings Attached
Hangover II
Your Highness
Win, Win (MOTY for me so far)
Pirates IV
Adjustment Bureau
The Green Hornet
The American
Horrible Bosses
Source Code
Harry Potter
Tree of Life
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Rise of the Apes
Just Go With It
13 Assassins
Green Latern
The Devil's Double
30 Minutes or Less
Ides of March
Bad Teacher
Captain America

The Adjustment Bureau
Attack the Block
Battle: Los Angeles
Cedar Rapids
Crazy, Stupid, Love.
Hall Pass
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Hobo with a Shotgun
Horrible Bosses
I Am Number Four
Just Go with It
Kill the Irishman
The Roommate
Scream 4
Super 8
Win Win

The Green Hornet
The Mechanic
The Eagle
Cedar Rapids
I Am Number Four


Drive Angry

The Adjustment Bureau

Battle: LA


The Lincoln Lawyer


Hobo With A Shotgun

Source Code


Your Highness

Scream 4

Fast Five

Stake Land

X-Men: First Class
Super 8
Horrible Bosses
Cowboys and Aliens
Sucker Punch
Bad Teacher
Harry Potter
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Attack the Block
Green Lantern
Tree of Life

Iron Man
Fast Five
Hall Pass
Horrible Bosses
Captain America
30 Minutes or Less
Change Up
Rise of the Planet of the Apes



Attack the Block

Bad Teacher

Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called 


Captain America: The First Avenger

Cedar Rapids


Crazy, Stupid, Love


Fast Five

Green Lantern

Hangover II



The Ides of March

In Time


Margin Call

Midnight in Paris


Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Source Code



Super 8

The Adjustment Bureau

The Lincoln Lawyer

Tree of Life


Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Win Win

X-Men: First Class

Your Highness
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Came in here to make sure Friday Night Lights was listed under TV, one of the best shows of recent time.
Came in here to make sure Friday Night Lights was listed under TV, one of the best shows of recent time.
Remember the Titans
Mighty Ducks 1 and 2
Friday Night Lights (movie)
Happy Gilmore
Fever Pitch

Gol 1 and 2
x 2

cool runnings
varsity blues

ESPN Playmakers
Hard Knocks
Remember the Titans
Mighty Ducks 1 and 2
Friday Night Lights (movie)
Happy Gilmore
Fever Pitch

Gol 1 and 2
x 2

cool runnings
varsity blues

ESPN Playmakers
Hard Knocks
Not sure if this goes under TV or Movies, but the 30 for 30 documentary series is NICE.
Not sure if this goes under TV or Movies, but the 30 for 30 documentary series is NICE.
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