oily looking stains coming from washer/dryer?

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ok so as of lately ive been getting oily stains coming from either

my dryer or washer...its difficult to say of course because the clothes

are wet when i get them from the washer.

it happened in my last condo and i recently replaced my washer

in my new home...also i noticed its only on the front of the shirts/hoodies/pants

is there something im doing wrong?
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i had this happen to me. turns out it was the liquid fabric softener
ive been using it for years , could it be the heat from the dryer+ the fabric softener?

mine was coming from the washer when i was putting liquid fabric softener in there. sounds like you put the fabric softener sheets in the dryer, so i have no clue
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i dont use sheets , i use the liquid ...

do you put the clothes first or wait till the water is filled

and add the clothes/liquid?

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A lot of times its the fabic softener. But im my case there was grease from the mechanical parts getting into the wash. That old Whirpool was on its way out anyways so I replaced it.

Check your washer just in case.
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OP, same thing started happening to me. I use liquid fabric softener on my work clothes because I hang dry them. I purchased perfume/dye free liquid and it solved the problem. Got it at Target.
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I cant even tell you how many pieces of clothing I've had ruined because of this. I never figured out what it was, but it drove me insane for a while... Haven't seen it recently, and I'll cross my fingers on that...
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fill up the water half way then put in the detergent....once the water has filled up there should be foam. then throw the clothes in
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