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Joined Mar 2, 2007
Im doing a project for class on how fashion has changed over the years and I was looking for links to older w.d.y.w.t. threads from like 07 or 06 maybe even back as far as 04 if anybody can help i'd greatly appreciate it
Joined Nov 17, 2001
Nice post, but there is an Archive link when you enter niketalk, and it dates back all the way to 2002....

....in fact, there is a post I made back then....7+years ago....which is in the archives lol. that basically asked people to post pictures of themselves on here, as NT was a relatively informal site back then, with plenty of anonymous people left and right here.


...good times, good times...
Joined May 1, 2008
It went from having shorts to your knee caps to having them sagging a foot down ..

to finally rocken skinnies again .. in a 23 year span lol
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