Old School vs. New School

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I am close to pulling the trigger on a pair of Sharkleys, but I am wondering what is everyone's take on past technology vs. current technology. Is new tech like flywire necessarily better than the old reliable. Sharkleys were voted best basketball shoes at the time by many ball players. Would it be fair to compare something as recent yet old like Sharkleys to the lightweight flywire injected say hyperfly's, kd's, kobes? 
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no contest man. those playing in old shoes mostly do so to look cool/nostalgia/style
kobes are too perfect on feet. just like the new lebrons and the fuses. it's crazy to
compare them to jordans of past or any other shoe.

go get the new tech.

EDIT: sharkley is a new tech shoe right? it's a hybrid... I guess it's just not AS high tech
as brons/kobes/roses
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TC, the best "tech" is whatever feels best to you. Granted, vast improvements have been made since the ProKeds nd Chuck Taylors, but to wear a shoe because of newer tech is probably not a good way to go. I review several shoes a month and I can say my favorite shoes to play in are still the Maestro's I had in 1995, as well as the Swifts. The Kobe's and Lebron's and Fuse's are all good/great shoes as well, but if you like the "old school" feel by all means stick with them. However, be wary of the retros you buy. They are mostly made cheaper and with different cushioning properties than the originals, so if you have an older shoe you loved and want the retro brace yourself for the possibilyt it is completely different from a performance standpoint.
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Depending on the shoe it might be fair...

For example, I recently picked up a pair of LWP's that retro'd not too long ago. I am amazed at how comfortable they are and they are perfect for my style of play on the court. Good traction, very light and soft cushioning.

With that said, not all "old-school" shoes are created equally. Play a game in some retro jordans (before XI-XII). Most of the time you will find that the cushioning is too stiff or they dont get decent traction.

I do think though that newer sneakers are better. Theres no way a 15 year old sneaker is gonna compare to the snug feel of a Kobe sneaker or the light yet durable feel of derrick roses adidas shoe (cant remember the name).
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I like old school cause it brings back the old school NBA, which i like better. The new school may look flashier, but i still prefer the oldies
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just because a shoe is new and has the latest tech like flywire, and fuse doesn't just automatically put it ahead of old school shoes. I prefer shoes made of leather or foamposite because it fits my fit better and provides more support than the plastic they use now. Now that lightweight has become the most important aspect in a basketball shoe and that designers are sacrificing cushioning, fit, support, durability, and traction for this. Also the use of "story telling" traction i think is one of the worst ideas. i'm glad the kobe 7 stopped that and put herringbone in key aspects. there are definitely shoes of today that definately outperform old school shoes. but you can't deny the great designs from back in the day. i rotate between old school and new school kicks but i just wish they made retros with quality materials for playing in.
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it depends which genre you get comfortable with, i go both ways, i love new technology for its lightweight and aesthetics but i still also go back using my foams from time to time when its playing casual games with friends. and yes i think sharkleys are up to date with its technology too
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new technology applies to shoes these days are better than the old ones in terms of support and cussioning. design wise, i prefer the oldies
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Retros does not really have old tech

The zoom air bag in these retro are the new kind of zoom air. Same with the air max bag . Both zoom and air max in retros feel more responsive than those in the original

Even the phylon and insole has improved in retros
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