Old video games you used to play that people forget about. Vol. Crash Team Racing

Joined Mar 2, 2008
Game had me playing for HOURS. N Gin

Soooo much fun with the crazy courses and stuff.

The first game EVER that caused me to get my controllers taken away from playing too much.

What you guys got?
Joined Aug 1, 2004
Einhänder, da 3d sidescrollin shooter from square..still probably da best shooter I've ever played in my life.
Joined Mar 24, 2007
Blast Corps, Twisted Medal, WWF No Mercy, Perfect Dark, Timesplitters and some other ones i can't think of right now.

Edit: Virtua Cop 2!!! on Sega Saturn
Joined Sep 12, 2002
Contra/Super Contra
Streets Of Rage
Double Dribble
Earthworm Jim
Yo! Noid
Bulls v.s. Lakers
Joe Montana's NFL Football
Shaq Fu


formerly i lyricaljkilla i
Joined Nov 14, 2003
Brave Fencer Musashi.

And I KNOW someone is gonna co-sign with me on this with the
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