Olive Vs in AZ??

Jul 5, 2006
anyone know where i can cop the Olive Vs in the phoenix area? or who's gonna hook us up? waldoaz where u at?

thanks in advance
Sell me your:
DS sz 10 AJ X Steel Greys
DS sz 10 AJ V Olives
DS sz 10 AJ VII Frenchies
Good luck dude. No one here (from my experience) likes to divulge any info about their "hookups" until after they have copped. You're pretty much on your own. There's a good chance that some Shiekh's will have them as well as Steven's shoes. You just gotta get out, hit the streets and make some connections. Otherwise, there's always Eastbay.
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Rigth! Well my cinnect got fried. I can tell you right now that a guy buys almost the complete stock at stevens shoes. I think he knows the owner. Im tryin to establish a connect urban store in town. Shiekh will probably not get them.
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