On vacation. Anything to do in taiwan?

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I'm on vacation with family, and was wondering if there's anything to do in taipei, taiwan. I know there's department stores and taipei 101, but was wondering if there's anything else. any street clothing stores? i dont know where else to find info or ask this question, so i was hoping people here had experience with this country! Thank you very much. 
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Check out Ximending. I don't know any specific stores but it would be hard not to find what you want there. Also gotta go to the nightmarkets if you're going to Taiwan. Shilin nightmarket is a good place to start. There's also the National Museum that worth a visit, Beitou for hot springs...but mostly nightmarkets for the food.

Try not to limit yourself to Taipei also, the train system can take you all over the island, see if you can visit Taichung and Kaoshiung too.
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