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Feb 3, 2002
It's that time again my fellow NT'ers!

Get your wallets ready for the launch of Zoom Lebron V with Nike Philippines offering 90 pairs of the China edition ONLY to be sold at this event! For the pastseveral years, this colorway has been one of the most coveted by sneakerheads around the world. This Lebron V features a distinct Chinese story incorporatingelements of Beijing's Forbidden City and laser etching depicting 9 mythical creatures seen on the roof of the Forbidden City. Don't miss your chance inscooping up a purrr! Get your tents and OFF lotion ready. This is gonna be a wild one!

Price is Php 8,995

Not buying a pair? Still roll through and meet some cool peeps! Party by Steak Productions



Do I hear people calling for a NT Manila Summit 2007?
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i'll go if jojo goes, (no hetero).

..with so much personality,
what do you want from me?
i could be by myself and enjoy the company..
but i'd ratherher
correct me if im wrong but the email i got has the chinas priced at 8,595.what gives?
FS:Lebron IV Chinas,Air Jordan 3 DTRT,Kobe 2 USA Ultimates all sz 11,Air Jordan 8 aquas sz 11.5
i thought you were cutting down, max.

and i hope we can do this NT summit while it's still carlo
..with so much personality,
what do you want from me?
i could be by myself and enjoy the company..
but i'd rather be with her
um,uh,yeah,i still am...*adjusts collar*
FS:Lebron IV Chinas,Air Jordan 3 DTRT,Kobe 2 USA Ultimates all sz 11,Air Jordan 8 aquas sz 11.5
KC, email sent. Thanks.


sapatos yan, hindi trophy
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We lost a significant amount of thread/post during the migration to Yuku, including those posted in the last 48 hours or so.

I'll re-post the photographs tonight.
thanks to nike philippines for making my very first sneaker event such a memorable experience... im glad to have met all the cool people of niketalk thatnight... especially kc, carlo, tmac and the rest! more power to niketalk phil!
Reposting my last post.

That many pairs sold?


Yeah, I was too focused on the alcohol.


Yo maxtempo96! Are you talking about the fried dumplings? Yeah that !%@% was sooooo good. Good Earth has definitely come a long way. The one who owns the jointis my second cousin but I haven't seen him for the longest time and I don't even know if he was at the event. No, we didn't roll in as a group.What usually happens is I put a thread up similar to this one, make a list of who's going, then play "SPOT THE NT'ER" at the party.
You should've said what up. It's always nice to meet new faces especially from NT andother sneaker boards. Believe it or not, I've made most of my connections in the industry this way.

Yo Glenn! Damn man. I don't want to sound@@#%@ but the whole time I was hoping you'd show up. I lost my phone that's why I failed to bug youold-timers thru SMS. Carlo asked me if the shirt I had on was the same one from over a decade ago.
What can I do? The new ones suck ****. Oh, and don't sleep. Rumor has it that Ben Davis is planning a comeback for '08. At least that wasthe buzz at the most recent Magic convention in Vegas.

Yo PJ! Feel free to use the photos man. I'm kinda disappointed at how some of my photos turned out. It was so hard holding up the camera with one handwhile drowning myself with some good beer with the other. Nice hybrids by the way.

feathertouch29 and bigballer23. Good to see you guys again. Damn big balls. Your weight loss is
. ##@%# pass me that !%@%.

Jathy Boy. Shut up you flaker.

Photos to follow...
Congrats Taken and JanBang! Was nice seeing the "oldtimers" again and seeing the youg'uns for the first time. We need more meetups like this.Just talking, and having beer of course.
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