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Sep 19, 2006
Go up to PAPalace (Iverson or Forestville) and pick up a new What Band Cd. :pimp:

6-30-07-- crank.

7-7-07 Double Disc--crank.

Really though.

The Real.
yeah its probably better than that new Back CD

Team DC/MD/VA​

....The Area....
The Silent Veteran​

What did you just say?

Kings English Please.. I was remotely interested until I saw the last post!!! lolol

I myself am a fan circa 1989 - 1996

But do appreciate GOOD none Mainstream Go-Go

Like when we used to Party in the Oxon Hill Annex back in the day

But that is before many folks time up and thru here....
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Oh naw i didnt say What? band is better than Backyard in whole career..

but that 8-8-07 joint just wasnt crankin as hard as the 6-30 What Band joint

Now if we wanna argue about Groovers transfroming into What? band and who cranks harder overall between Backyard and them...thats something I will argue...

What? Band got the game locked down right now...and I dont usually give any band this much props..ever.

The Real.
8-8-07 kinda blow me. i was expecting Back to comeback harder after being away so long
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^ Yeah you've assumed correctly..... Oh and

"Fluke pots and pans music"

I hope the person who said this isn't a fan of Black techno (Baltimore Club Music) and is talkin junk about Go-Go....
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